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This book is originally published on Wattpad by itsyourblackrose. 

Chapter 38

Reaching home they made Juhi lay in the guest room and then moved toward their room.

"Neil "Avni called Neil , worriedly move near him and made him sit on the bed.

"What...what happened??"Neil who was removing his blazer suddenly got starled with her sudden move and asked while sitting on the bed.

"Remove your shirt" Avni said staring around the room searching for something.


"Wait....what??"He asked shockingly that the girl who till now never even touched him, is asking him to remove his shirt.

"What...what I said na remove it" She said turning toward him.

Oh god what had happened to her suddenly.

Neil you have lost your respect today.

"Neil" he came out from  his thoughts listening her calling him.

"Huh!!" He asked

"Neil please remove it I need to clean the wounds" Avni said worriedly staring at his back which had blood stain.

"Oh...okay" He said little bit embarrass and remove it.

"Now please lay on your stomach so I can clean it perfectly."She said slightly touching his wound with her finger making him feel unknown sensation.

"O..okay" Saying this he lay on his stomach keeping his right cheek on pillow.

Wincing at his wounds she started to clean it and then started to blow on it when he hissed a little. 

Neil who felt her hot blow on his back  clutched the pillow placed near his head hardly, gulping down the lump form in his throat, his hormones were getting high making it hard for him control himself. Closing his eyes he started to take deep breath to calm down himself.

While Avni unaware of his condition keep blowing and cleaning his wound with cotton while tears started to make their way from her eyes seeing his deep wounds and a fell on him but she immediately cleaned it. Its just because of me ,if I haven't asked him to help Juhi then nothing of these happened.

Feeling something wet on his back Neil immediately turned and saw crying while cleaning his back.

"Avni...Avni..what happened why are crying baby" he asked immediately sitting and cupping her both cheek making her cry more.

"Avni...Avni please calm down why are you crying ,tell me" He asked worriedly hiding her in his embrace.

"I am sorry" She said while sobbing hugging more tightly making him feel different sensation running through his veins.

"Why are saying sorry Avu" He asked her worriedly once she calmed a little.

"Because of me you got hurt" She whispered slowly.

"What?? Who said that??" He asked removing her from his embrace and cupping her both cheek.

"Who said this to you Avni tell me, how did you got this idea??" He asked angrily

" I thought" She said lowering her lashes while tears kept poring down her eyes

"Never...I repeated never ever think like that Avni. Nothing happened because of you" Neil said sternly, staring her making her nod .

"I need to use restroom" Saying this she immediately ran away leaving him alone staring her retreating form.

Till how much time you will hide away from me Avni.

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