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This book is originally published on Wattpad by itsyourblackrose.

Chapter 31

"You all just prepare the room and clean the drawing room also, kitchen I will manage" She said instructing the maids carefully.

"Okay now go" she said

"Avni at least let me help you in preparing dinner" Mrs Molly said.

"No, umm...actually Shweta ma like my hand made food so I wanna cook for them" she said giving her a small smile.

"Okay then what should I do" she asked her

"You just sit and supervise everything" She said playfully making her laugh.

"Okay" saying this Mrs Molly left and Avni got busy.

Neil entered inside the kitchen to drink water when he saw her busy preparing dinner and smirked.

"What are you doing" he asked leaning toward her from back, making her back touch his front that if someone saw them they will think that he is back hugging her.

"Ahh..." Avni who heard him suddenly, jumped on her place getting scared.

"What...what are doing here??" She asked turning toward him while trying to slow down her heartbeat.

"Nothing just staring my wifey" he said shrugging his shoulder like its nothing.

"Why you keep calling me your wife" she asked

"Because you are my wife, wifey" he said taking a step forward, making her realize how much close they were standing.

"I...I....." Blinking her eyelashes rapidly, licking her lower lips nervously she started to say something, taking a step back when she felt the counter wall.

"You.." he asked leaning near her face due to her short height.

(Well you all can imagine him to be 6 ft. and her to be 5'5 he is very big compare to her small, zero size figure)

" prepare...dinner..."she said stuttering, licking her lower lips.

"So do, when did I stopped you?"he said still standing there, his breath falling on her face making her feel goosebumps, she even can't turn back without touching him.

"Ne...Neil please" She pleaded upping her lashes at him making him laugh at her expressions while she stood there watching him confusingly.

"Avni....just..your...face..girl...."he said in between his laugh, moving back giving her the space.

So he was making fun of me.

She turned back toward the stove without saying anything to him, feeling hurt by his laugh.

After calming down Neil stared her back not understanding what happened to her suddenly.

"Wifey" he called her but she didn't replied



Like this he called her many times but she didnt replied back to him still busy in preparing food or we can say trying to ignore him which he didn't like a bit.

He doesn't like anyone ignoring him even when he was in kindergarten he can take any shit but ignorance. He always like to clear think face to face or by talking but ignoring anyone or getting ignored by someone is not tolerable for him. It's not his type, he can't take anyone's ignorance specially hers.

"Wifey I said turn" he said sternly voice making her feel shiver down her spine.

She slowly turns toward him still lowering her lashes.

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