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The continues sound of a heart monitoring machine filled my ears as I came too.

I squinted my eyes letting them get use to the harsh lighting before opening them fully.

After just laying here, listening to the constant beeping from the heart monitor my head started to ache.

I move my head around the pillow trying to see if anyone else was in the room, luckily for me no one was here.

I slowly sat up ignoring all the pain my body was in and stretched my arm over to where that annoying machine and turned it off then pulled out the tube thing out of my arm.

Well I guess they know about my injuries since I can feel the bandages wrapped around my stomach and some on my legs.

I cannot put into words of how tempted I am just to get up and leave. To where, I don't know. I'm also very hungry and is craving some chicken nuggets so I would probably stop at McDonald's.

I was busy thinking about food that I haven't notice Vincenzo, Carmine and Leandro opening inside. It wasn't until they were standing in front of the bed that I did.

Carmine was the one who broke the silence."How you feeling? Does anything hurt?" I can that he's worried.

"I'm good" I said purposely ignoring the other question not wanting him to fuss over me.

But apparently Leandro saw what I did. "You didn't answer the question" He commented, staring right at me.

"Almost everywhere hurts but it's bearable" I lies. The amount of pain I'm in I wouldn't be surprised if I passed out.

It hurts. Everything hurts, but it's ok, belive it or not I've felt worse.

"Are you sure? I can give you some pain killers, I'm gonna get you some. I'll be back soon" Carmine said already going walking out the door.

I sighed. Now I'm alone with these two. There probably thinking of how to ask where I got all the injuries from.

"Mind telling us how you got all those injuries?" Vincenzo asked crossing his arms already waiting for the answer.

Well that didn't take long.

I shrugged."Not really"

Why should I have to tell them anything? As far as I'm concerned it shouldn't be any of their business.

Leandro didn't seem to like my response."Abriana" He said in a warning tone like I'm some kid.

"What? I don't owe you guys or anyone answers so just drop it" I said with a hintof attitude.

Leandro looked at Vincenzo who shook his head at him.

"Your right you don't owe us or anyone anything but we would like to know what happened to you so it can never happen again" Leandro tried in a much softer voice.

I almost gave in. I want to give in but I can't. What I went though no child should of or anybody to be exact.

I felt bad. They both are really want to know what happened. Under their blank expression I can see the worry they have me, but they also need to understand that I'm just not ready to tell them. Not right now at least and when I am it won't be just a portion it'll be everything.

"I'm sorry but I just can't" I whispered staring down at my hands.

"Well then where your ready to we'll be waiting"

"I want to be alone please" I say quietly almost begging, staring into their eyes.

They nod and was about to leave when Carmine back back inside with a pain killer in his hand a bottle of water in his other.

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