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Dark Dreams by LYNNDEH
Dark Dreamsby lynn
Alissa was sent away after being framed by her mother and twin sister. But when she gets arrested for the 4th time that week her family is called. She isn't the same gir...
The 2 Lost Ones by CringyWriterSky
The 2 Lost Onesby CringyWriterSky
10 years ago, the Greek and Italian mafia dons both decided to send their youngest children away for their own protection as they were in war with the Russians. Before s...
• sent away • ( reddie ) by softieeds
• sent away • ( reddie )by 🧚🏻‍♂️🥺🧚🏻‍♂️
• I thought you loved me? • • I do! • • I wish I never met you at that stupid school. • ----------------------- Richie gets sent to a 'Gay Academy' February 1st. Eddie...
Moon's Gift by Fairy_In_Space
Moon's Giftby Fairy_In_Space
Nothing ever goes Esmeray's way. Life seems terrible. Nobody thinks she safe anymore. She's been sent away and it feels like life can't get any worse. Labs. Metal gloves...
sent away by max1nelol
sent awayby max1nelol
Sydney (or syd) is a 15 year old girl. She lives in a small town in Connecticut. Syd isn't to popular with kids at school, her family isn't the greatest either. Her mom...
10 days to fall in love (discontinued) by kimbaeso
10 days to fall in love ( bp_kdramas
This is what the title says. 10 Days to fall in love. Rylie is forced into an arranged marriage with Ryle. The cases of the R's... They have 10 days to fall in love befo...
Cherry by Anastasiabrenton
Cherryby Anna
She didn't have friends and never spoke to anybody. No one knew anything about her, not even her name. Partially, because no one ever asked. She lives at home with her f...
Adventures in Modern Disney Magic by Snowygurl3
Adventures in Modern Disney Magicby Snowygurl3
Alia, daughter of Alice and David best friends with Malea daughter of Mason and Madeline hatter, has no idea about the magic world of disney she just thinks they are fai...
Rebel's Heart by maekaishibashi
Rebel's Heartby Maeka Ishibashi
A lot of things happened to Yoshi Yeon, being separated from her brother, distanced from her family, and rarely talked too. Many things happened happened during the almo...
Apart we go.. by liaInAworld
Apart we liaInAworld
A story that I made at 1 in the morning... a somewhat painful type of book. Also my first one:)
Born Into It by LisaNystrom7
Born Into Itby Lisa Nystrom
3 girls get adopted at the age of one month. The man gets them trapped inside of a game called gang. The girls learn new stuff everyday. To be continued
what is in a name?  by anvinoganta
what is in a name? by anvinoganta
"Mary! HA!" "Excuse me?" "What an incredibly boring name!" - Mary hates a lot of things. Her name not being one of them. Alastair could...
Sent Away 》Magcon Fanfic  by marixten
Sent Away 》Magcon Fanfic by marixten
Three girls move to the US because someone is after them, find out what happens by reading this book
Little Miss Rebel by secretwritterr
Little Miss Rebelby secretwritterr
She’s a rebel, a badass and doesn’t take shit from anyone. Her name is Tyler Wilson. Her parents have had enough of her rebellious behaviour so they send her away to Cal...
They made the murderer I became  by Deborahcollier0
They made the murderer I became by Deborah Collier
16 Amelia Rossi goes by many names Ghost the undefeated street racer, assassin, Russian mafia Donna, boxer Miss Mercedes CEO of Mercedes international And Most of all...
To Her New Life by CringyWriterSky
To Her New Lifeby CringyWriterSky
At the young age of 3 Abriana was sent away along with her mother Ilaria to live somewhere else by her own father Leo because someone sent him fake photos of his wife Il...
If We Could Be Endgame by writingforforever
If We Could Be Endgameby Peace HJ
Sarah Mae has two rules. 1. don't cry, even when the pain is too much to survive, and 2. boys are nothing but trouble. She doesn't have anything against trouble, just no...