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Me, Fabio, Alvize and Orielle barley made it before the bell. Right now we're all in science doing a test the none of is studied for. Not that I need to study.

"These questions literally don't make sense" Orielle whisper from beside me.

"I know right! The only thing I wrote down in the past 10 minutes was my name" Fabio whisper back from
behind us.

I'm surprised he even remembered to put his name. He's one of the those students that always forgets.

Orielle and Fabio continued to talk about the test while I finished up the last questions.

When I'm done I slide test over to Orielle. Her face lit up when she saw what I was doing and whispered a small thanks.

"Pass that over here when your doing Ori"


I shift behind me to check on how Alvize is doing and he's on the last 2 questions.

Five minutes past and were all done. We handed in our test to the teacher and sat back down on our phones since everyone else isn't done.

"Abriana Leon to the principal office, I repeat Abriana Leon to the principle office"

"What did you do?" Alvize asked not bothering to take his eyes off his phone.

"Nothing this time, or maybe they found out I was the one that spay painted the 2 walls outside the back last week" I said shrugging.

"Want us to come?" Orielle asked already standing up.

"No, stay in class I'll text you if something happens" I say getting up and walking out the class.

I knocked on the principle before entering. There were two police officers standing to the right side of the room and principle Smith is already looking at with pity swirling in his eyes. Weird, I guess this is something different.

"You called me?"

"Uh.. yes. Have a seat" He said gesturing to the chairs infront of his desk.

I sat and waited for him to start talking.

"Your probably wounding why these two gentlemen are here and don't worry your not in trouble" Mr Smith said. He nodded to the police officers.

The blonde police officer stepped forward. "I'm Ben and this here is my partner Jamie. We're here to ask a few questions about your mother"

Jamie narrowed his eyes at me, searching for an emotion anything but all he got in return was nothing.

I displayed a blank face, just like a blank canvas. No colors, no emotion just blank.

"Some of your mothers co-workers noticed they haven't seen her around and reported it. Apparently her work place have been trying to get I'm contact with her but called us when they got nothing. So let me ask you  when was the last time you saw Ilaria Sofia Perez?"

My mom has been dead for the last 3 years meaning she hasn't been to work since then and they're just now realizing and investigating it?

"I haven't seen my mom for the past 2 weeks" I lied. They might not belive me if I told them everything. Why nobody contacted them and how I've been living and paying bills by myself since I was 13.

"Do you know where she went?"

Hopefully to heaven.


"Well for now you need to come with us down to the station for a DNA test to find put if any of your family member will take you in until the time being" Ben explained.

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