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I felt my back hit the stairs and started rolling down.

The thing about this particular staircase here is that it's curved at the middle turning left, but I didn't turn so I went rolling straight at the railing.  I somehow manged to cover my head with my arms from making first contact. And instead of stopping at where the stairs curved I somehow ended to roll down the rest of the way.

As I was falling I caught a glimpse of Lanzoni just standing there frozen.

By the time I had made it to the bottom everything hurt and I think my wound started to bleed again. I haven't felt this much pain in at once while. Whatever I probably deserve it.

About a minute after just laying here in pain I felt the ground started to shake. Earthquake? No. It seemed to be coming from my left. I ever so slowly turned my head to where I was source coming from.

It was Rocco, Giannino and Gino running down stairs that I had just fallen from towards me.

When they got to me they surrounded me. Their lips rapidly moving. I think their talking. I can hear their voices but I couldn't make out what any of them were saying. It sounded like I was underwater and they were trying to speak to me above it as I lazily stared up at them.

Rocco looked like he was shouting at the others. Gino seemed to be on the phone with someone, his hands were trembling and Nino was worried. One thing they're I noticed in their was fear.

They're acting as if I'm dieing. I know I've fallen down the stairs hit my head, unable to move or make out what is being said at the moment and I'm bleeding out but that dosen't mean I'm going die.

I felt someone place my head on their lap, pulled my hair out of it's ponytail and started running their fingers though it.

I hate when someone touches my hair and there is very few people who I let do so but I don't have the strength to stop them, plus it felt nice.

My eyes started to close then suddenly everything went black.

Third person Pov

After 10 minute of Abriana on the floor unconscious with her head in Rocco's lap the front door slammed opening revealing the older siblings. Their steps quicken one they dae how serious everything.

They weren't suppose to be here for another 2 hours that is until Gino called them in the middle of their meeting.

None of them said anything, all focused on Abriana and her current condition.

"She's bleeding pretty bad" Carmine mutters as he checks for any more visible injuries.

Carmine went to medical school and is one of the head doctors in the Italian mafia.

Carmine lift up Abriana's hoodie a little to examine where she was exactly bleeding from. He paused at what he saw then pulled it up further, just above her bra so the other could see.

Abriana's stomach and sides were converd with cuts and bruises. Some of them looked to be healing just fine but the rest seemed to be close to becoming infected or in need stitches.

Rocco couldn't take looking at her like this and needed to punch something so he punch the closes one to him. He punched Lanzoni right in the back.

Lanzoni hadn't expect the impact and grunted and little and he punched Rocco right back in the side.

Leandro gave them a harsh glare, one similar to what he gives his enemies. "Both of you stop it right now! If you want to behave like childen and fight then go downstairs in the to area"

Gino, Giovanni and Nino all had tears I their eyes as they stares at Abriana's stomach.

"She need the hospital, we don't have the things to treat her fully here" Carmine determined."Someone get the first aid kit so I can stop the bleeding and an ice pack" He ordered.

Vincenzo and Leandro both nodded and both turned to their younger siblings.

"Rocco get the ice pack"

"Lanzoni find the first aid"

Lanzoni and Rocco got to their feet and scrambled off to do as they were told. Davide comforted the others.

A few minutes later and Lanzoni came back in the room with the first aid handing it to Carmine who quickly took from him and got to work. Carmine managed stopped the bleeding.

Rocco came back and handed Carmine a frozen ice cream tube causing the other to give him a weird look.

Rocco shrugged."I couldn't find the ice pack so I brought this instead and if she wakes hungry before it melts then she can have it"

"You could at least gotten a spoon for her" Nino commented.

Rocco nod his head in agreement"I could of but I didn't"

Leandro waited until Carmine was done and gave the ok for him pick up his little sister and carried her to his car with Vincenzo and Carmine following closely from behind.

"Can we go with them too?" Nino asked Davide. He wanted to stay with Abriana, not here while his sister is being rushed to the hospital.

All of them wanted to be with her.

Davide thought about it before responding."No. There's no need for all of us to be there. Now tell me what happened and how she ended up on the floor"

Lanzoni shifted his glaze to the ground with guilt all over his face. The others noticed this.

"What did you do Lanz?" Rocco asked narrowing his eyes.

"We.. umm.. got until a argument, she pushed me twice then I pushed her a little to hard and knocked her down the stairs.." Lanzoni mumbles.

"What the fuck you mean pushed her down the stairs" Rocco demanded.

"It wasn't on purpose! If I seen how close she was to the edge then I wouldn't have done it" Lanzoni said trying to defend his action.

"So what your saying Lanzoni is that if Abriana and you weren't on the stairs then you would of continue to pushing her that hard?" Davide asked his younger brother calmly.

Lanzoni wanted to deny but the truth is Davide was right. They probably would still be arguing to this very second if Abriana hadn't fallen.

Davide to his silence to a yes and let out a tired sigh in disappointment. "What were you even fight about?"

Lanzoni didn't want to answer. He knew his punishment would be worsen especially if he told them what was said.

"You know what? I don't even want to know. Go to your room and don't come out till someone says you can Leandro or Vincenzo will deal with you when they gets back" He said waving him off, already done with the conversation.

Lanzoni open his mouth to defend himself more but shut it and quickly went up to his room, slamming the door shut.



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