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Like everyother morning I was woken by the irritating alarm I set on my phone, that I always seem to regretted doing.

I sat up and shut it off. I looked over at Els and Orielle and no surprise there that their still asleep. What I would give to get some more sleep but sadly I can't. Everyday I help younger some of kids on the street get ready for school since their parents work long hours.

I got up and went into the bathroom. When I was done brushing my teeth and doing my business I went back in my room.

I was shocked to see Orielle awake and on her phone. Normally I'd have to wake her and it's a 20 minute process.

Orielle took her eyes off the phone and at me for a few seconds."Morning" She grumbled.

"Morning, hurry and get ready we have to wake the kids" I reminded her only getting a groan back for a response.

I grabbed some of Orielle's clothes from my dresser that she left here and throw it on the bed then picked out my outfit to change in while Orielle slowly walks to the bathroom.

When I'm done changing Orielle comes back in the room and started changing into the clothes picked for her.

I pick up a half awake Els from off the bed and bring her into the kitchen with me. I refilled her food and water bowl. Soon as I put her on the ground she got this burst of energy and starting eat like I don't feet her.

Greedy dog.

I made cereal for both me and Orielle. Not even caring that the cereal is stale.

When we finish Orielle put the dishes in the sink and quickly washed and rinse them before passing it to me so I can dry and put them away. It didn't take long for us to finish since it was only two bowls and spoons.

"Im gonna get the kids ready while you make the lunches. Fabio should be here to help soon" I said walking through the front door and into the house one infront of mine.

The kid that lives here is name Mianna and she's 7. Her dad is out working all the time so I watch her for him. Her mom isn't in the picture anymore as of 2 years ago.

I knock on her bedroom door and waited for to say I can come in. After no response I open the door. And just like I thought she's sleeping.

"Mianna, wake up" I whispered, gently shake her shoulders. A few more attempts and she's up.

"Morning little one" I greeted standing up and walking over to her dresses, to look for clothes for her.

"Morning Abriana" She yawned stretching her arms out into the air.

"Go brush your teeth and wash your face" I said going through her small collection of shirts.

Looks like I need to stop by the lost and found to get some new clothes for her and the other kids too.

She got up and went I to the bathroom. By the time she came back I had her outfit layout on the bed.

Today she's wearing a maroon long sleeved shirt that had stripes on the sleeves with different shades of pick, black leggings that had a small whole on the bottom that you probably can't even see if you don't know where to look.

I turned around as she changed. And waited until she's done so I can brush her hair.

"Done, now hair please" She said eagerly.

When my eyes landed in her she I saw she had the old hair brush in her hand with a bright smile on her face. "Come here" I say smiling.

She rushed towards me and handed the brush over and turned away from me.

"Your hair is starting get long again, want me to cut it like last time?" I asked brushing all the knots out.

"No!" She instantly exclaimed. "I want it long. I remember mama had pretty blonde hair like mine but longer so I want mine just like hers" Mianna she explains.

Im not surprised that Mianna wants to looks her mom. Mianna always idolized her mom Mona, she even looks like her. They both have the same platinum blonde hair, pale skin tone and smile.

But I am a little shocked that she dosen't want her hair cut. She always liked it to rest exactly 1 inch bellow her shoulders and right now it's to her shoulder blades.

"If that's what you want" Is all is all I said as continuing to brush her hair.

Mianna wanted her hair in two low pigtails so thats what I did.

"You know the drill, I need to get the other kids ready, Orielle is at my place making your lunch and breakfast. See you soon" I said walking into the house next hers.

1 kid down 11 more to go.

The kids that live her are 5 year old twins. London and Paris. They can be quite a hand full in the mornings.

After I got the twins ready Alvize finally came out of his house. We split up so it wouldn't take so long.

25 minutes later and all the kids are up and either head or st my house. Me and Alvize walked in my house with the last set of kids. They quickly go into the kitchen for some food.

I looked in the living room to see most of the kids are here quietly playing with each other. In front of the back wall is where all their fully packed lunches are.

The only reason why theres even have enough food to feed them all is because of pick pocketing and stealing. That's me and the other older kids around the block do. We only pick pocket from from the rich and steal from popular grocery stores.

I'm not ashamed of what we do nor do I feel bad. What we do is for a good cause.

I check the time on my phone to see its already 8:22. If we leave now then we won't be late.

"Everyone grab a bag lunch! Don't try and take extra, trust me we'll know. Hurry up or we'll be late!

The kids all rushed to the lunches and went to sand in a line at the door waiting for me and the others.

"Bye Els, see you later" I said giving her a quick kiss on the head. I stood up and made my way to the front door.

"Everyone here?" Fabio Asks Orielle, coming out of know where might I add.

Orielle didn't answer him until she finished counting all the kids head as she tapped on each of them. "Everyone's here, let's go" She announced.

Alvize opened the front door and the kids all walked out. When all of us were out side we rushed in the direction of the kids school before ours.




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