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It's been 3 days since we had dinner at the restaurant. Nothing really happened since then other than Isabella and Emily going to visit their family for a few days after promising to do something with me even they visit and Leandro stopping me on my way to my room to tell me I'll be going to school with the boys on Monday morning. Today is Friday so I still have 2 more days.

Anyway I'm in my closet staring at my now open wound though the mirror. I was walking back from my run with Els when I tripped and somehow ripped open the stitches I had. Luckily for me when I entered the mansion no one was in the kitchen or in the halls when I went up to my room. I already stopped the bleeding and bandaged it up so I'm trying to figure out how get stitched without anyone knowing. If I tell someone then they'll ask to many questions.

I'll deal with it later.

. . .

I filled my plate up with a waffle and some grapes and was to start eating until I heard my name being called.

"Abriana me and the older ones will being leaving for a meeting so and won't back back until later this evening. Rocco is in charge, I trust to not listen to anything he says that is stupid enough to get you in truble" Leandro spoke from the head of the table, staring straight at me.

"Ok" I don't really see why really needed to tell me all that but I guess it was nice of him.

While everyone was still eating Sergio, Carmine Davide, Vincenzo and Leandro all go up and excused themselves from the table after saying it's time for them to leave.

But before Davide followed after them he came over to me and placed a soft kiss on my forehead and whispered in my ear.

"If they give you any truble put them in their place, see you later sorella" He said then walking away to catch up the the rest.

When he was gone I couldn't help but place my finger on where he kissed me.

It felt..nice




I finished eating breakfast hours ago and it's lunch time right now but I'm not hungry. In fact I'm board out of my mind.

Arianna and Alano mush be grounded since I haven't heard from then for quite a bit and they're not answering my calls so I can't hang out with them.

I decided to go for a walk around the neighborhood I haven't really gone outside except for going until the forest.

But first I have to ask Rocco and if he says no then I'm still going.




"Can I go for a walk around the neighborh-"

"I don't care what you do just don't bother me!" Rocco yelled slamming his door is my face.


Well at least it's not a no not that I still would of listened.

I went back in my room and changed out of the sweats I was wearing and into a light blue sweater and black leggings and my blue converses.

I wanted to take Els with me cause I didn't want to go alone but she wouldn't stop whining so I let her stay.

5 minutes of me randomly walking down the street and along the side walk I came across a huge park that looked well taken care of, not surprising since only filthy rich people live in this area like my brothers.

It even had a huge water fountain and a forset that had a train in the middle with a few people jogging inside.

I diverted my attention to the play structure where kids were playing what looks to be a game of freeze tag.

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