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This morning I felt lazy so me and Els didn't go for a run. I stayed in my room until 9:30. My pajamas felt too comfortable for me to just take off so I let them stay on till further notice.

I slowly walked downstairs and into the dinning. When I glance at the head of the table there two woman siting beside Vincenzo and Leandro. I didn't spare them a seconds glance as I sat down.

"Goodmorning" I mumbled. Almost everyone at the table greeted me back including the two new people. Rita comes out with a plate of 2 pancakes and bacon on the side and placed it in front of me.

"Thank you"

She smiled and went back in the kitchen.

"Abriana this is my girlfriend Emily" Vincenzo introduced her, as I was pour syrup on my pancakes. When I was done I looked up at her.

She had light brown shoulder length hair with eyes that matched. She smiled fondly at me.

Leandro spoke up next. "And this is Isabella, my girlfriend"

Isabella also had short brown hair but longer then Emily's and she had hazel brown eyes. "It's nice to see you again Abriana"

Isabella confused me a bit when she said again but then I could of met her when I was younger. I didn't really know what to say to Isabella. Do I still say it's nice to me you too? Even though I don't remember her?

I couldn't come to an conclusion so just smiled then started to eat my food.

"Um, Leandro? Can my cousin come over?" I asked hesitantly.

"Who may that be?" He questioned putting down his coffee.

"Arianna. She's from moms side" I briefly explained.

This time Vincenzo asked a question. "When will she be coming?"

"Oh, I haven't called to ask if she wanted to come over yet but I know she'll mostly likely be over soon after I call her, even if she have to sneak out" I said. Suddenly my phone started running. Guessing I forgot to put in on silent.

I took it out from my pocket and saw it was Arianna. I was gonna ignore it but Leandro told me to answer it and put it on speaker.

I did what he said and the voice of my cousin quickly through the food.

"Morning identical cousin" She sang lazily. "Hey just calling to asking if me and Alano come over so we can hide from mom for a bit"


"Ok so we may have snuck out to a party and got completely wasted might I add and then we both ended up drunk texting mom the things we did but never admitted too. Anyway we just woke up at our friend Sarah's house and saw a bunch of miss calls and death texts from our own mother. Anyways this is completely and entirely ALONO"S FAULT!" She finished, yelling the last part.

"How is it my fault?" I heard Alono asked in the background.

"Your the one that begged me to go with you" She answers.

"I didn't beg you anything! All I did was bring up that fact that there was a party and then all of a sudden you started getting ready ordering me to do the same" He said.

"..I don't remember anything of that."

"Well it's a good thing you have a twin like me because I do"

"Ugh! Stop talking to me your voice is very agitating right now" Arianna groaned."Anyways can we come over For a bit?"

My head snapped up and stared at Leandro and Vincenzo, almost begging them with my eyes.

They both made eye contact with each other and sighed as they both nod their heads at me.

"You can come over!" I said excitedly. I can't belive It's been 3 months since I saw them.

"Good! Well be over in like 10 minutes make sure the door is unlocked I wanna make a grand entrance" She demanded then ended the call.

I quickly got up and almost ran to the foyer. I unlocked the door and stepped back a bit. I stood there waiting bounching on my toes, waiting their arrival. I didn't even care when the others were standing behind or beside me.

After what felt like hour footsteps could be heard walking up the front steps but stopped right st the door and was replaced with loud weeping heaving.

"Who the hell thought it's ok to make the distance from Sarah's house to here so far?" Arianna said clearly out of breath.

"Your out of shape, exercise more" Alono stated.

"Your an asshole" Arianna barley said inbetween breaths.

"I can't even with you" Alono said. Seconds later the doors opened reveling the Alone who was just casually standing there at looking bored and his twin who had her hand on her knees bent over still heaving.
Oblivious to the fact that she have an audience watching her.

"Ari" Alono called out gaining her attention.

Arianna looked looked up at her twin then us when she saw the door were no longer closed.

She stopped weeping and heaving and stared. We all started back. Arianna swiftly stood up and straightened out herself quickly before entering.

"Honey I'm home" She screamed with open arms, running towards me as I did the same.

We both let out a squeal once we finally were in each other's arms. I'm surprised we didn't fall sideways because usually we do.

"I missed you" We said in Sync. "Well I missed you more" We both stopped hugging and gave each other an annoyed groan. "Stoppp" We said together.

Arianna pointed at herself indicating that she was going to speak first.

"1, I missed you more, no take backs 2, I'm hungry" She said.

Alone came from behind his twin."I'm hungry too!"

I took both their hands in mine about to lead to my room."I got some snacks in my room you can ea.." I stopped mid sentence when my eyes landed on the other.

I may have forgot they were still here.

"Um. This is Arianna and Alono.
Ari Lono some of them are my cousins and some are my brothers"

All of them started at me and the twins.

"Why do you guys look like triplets?" Carmine asked.

"Mom's are twins" Alano answered casually.

"We already know that Ilaria had a twin but why didn't we know of you two and that dosen't explain why you look like triplets" Rocco rolled his eyes.

"Our moms are identical twims and we look just so happen to be the exact replica of them, so I guess genetics?" Arianna said completely ignoring his first question.

"Anyways bye" I said pulling Ari and Lono up the stairs with me and into my room and I to my closet.

"So.. help me put these away?" I hesitently asked, causing them to groan.




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