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Me and Els had run for 2 hours straight before ditching the trail to explore on our own. Great idea, I know.

We'd walk for almost 15 minutes off the trail before finding an opening in the tree that leads to a field. I played fetch and tagged with her. That was 3 hours ago.

Right now, Els and I are lying down on the grass staring up at the clouds.

I lazily took my phone from out my pocket. 5:02. If we leave now, I should be back before dinner and have time to take a quick shower.

"Els, we have to go now," I said. She gave me a whined in response.

"We'll come back tomorrow, promise," I said, standing to my feet.

She nodded her head at me and started walking in the direction we came from.

When entering the forest again, we both broke out into a light sprint. Every now and then, I would forget which way to go from, so I would let Els take the lead.

It took us longer to reach back at the mansion than I originally thought, so once we were inside, I lifted up Els in my arms and speed walk to my room. When inside, I put Els on the then went straight into the bathroom to take a shower.

15 minutes later, I stepped out of the bathroom with a towel around my body. I grabbed some clothes from my bag and quickly refilled Els bowls.

I rushed back downstairs and toward the dining room. I walked into the room to see Davide sitting at the table with who guessing my brothers were.

Davide was the first to notice me. He pointed to the empty seat across from him and in between two of our brothers.

I did what he wanted and sat down.
The boy to my left looked away from his and at me. He stared at me for a minute straight before rubbing his eyes, only to stare again. Not once did I spare him a glance.

Just then , someone entered the dinningroom wearing an expensive suit, one similar to Davide but different color. You can tell by the way he walks that he's someone power.
He sat at the head of the table.

I noticed all my brother put away their phones once he came into the room.

I could feel his eyes on me. Instead of ignoring it, I start back at him. As I peer into the eye, I could help but feel like I have seen them before. I mostly likely did as a toddler.

"Some of you may not have realized this yet, but this is Abriana, and she'll be from now on living with us. Boys introduced yourselves, " He ordered, not breaking eye contact with me.

When Davide started talking, I turned my attention to him.

"I'm Davide, as you already know, and I'm 25" He smiled, showing her perfect white teeth.

The one beside that was started since I sat down went next.

"I'm Nino and and I'm 17" He said. Nino has the same light green eyes like me and mom, but more.. darker.

"Rome and I'm 19" The other one beside me muttered, going back on his phone again.

Now the one in front of me. He obviously wasn't planning on saying anything until Davide lightly nude him in the side.

"Lanzoni 21" He said, glaring. His eyes held so much hate in them, not towards me exactly.

"I'm your oldest Leandro, and I am 27" 

When he finished speaking, the kitchen staff came out of the kitchen and filled the table up to the brim with food. They left, and everyone started putting what they wanted on their plate.

I took a little of past on and put on my plate the took the smallest slice of cheese pizza and a but of lattice.

"Is that all you having?" Nino asked me, looking down at my food.

"Yeah, I'm not that hungry," I said truthfully. This is way more than what I wound have for my meals back home.

Nino nods his head and focuses back on his food.

I turned my head back to my plate and started eating some pasta first. During dinner, I observed my brothers and their interactions with each other as they talked. Leandro was joined in every now and then when he wasn't on his phone.

"Hey Abiana, what was your life like back in London? Davide randomly asks.

"It was good. I had lots of friends that lived near me, so I was never lonely or anything, " I answered. My life in London wasn't so bad compared to other people's.

"What did you like to do for fun?"

"I love to dance and play badminton, I also did a little figure skating," I replied. I did way more things than what I told them but chose to leave it at that for now. Growing up, I loved trying new things.

"I'm glad your life was good in london," Nino said. His eyes held sadness in them. I felt a very strong  urge to fix it. Why?

I smiled at him and then continued to eat the rest of my food. The boys carried on talking as they ate.

I took one last bite of my half eaten pizza before putting it back on my plate. I'm almost full.

"Abriana, if you're done, then follow me to my office," Leandro said, raised to his feet and walking out the dining.

I pushed myself out of my seat and went after Leandro. I'll have to come back and put away my plate. Once I caught up to him, I made sure I'm two steps behind.

We made our way upstairs but through a different staircase. This one leads to a third floor. The one that Davide told me not to go. When we reached the top their were security guards up here too. As we passed them, they all gave a slight nod to Leandro and gave curious glances at me. Some of the older looking ones even looked as though they recognized me. I'm guessing they must have seen me around from when I was younger.

Leandro finally stopped at a door that said boss in Italian at the top center. He held the open for me and closed it behind him.

"Have a seat." He ordered sitting down
at his desk. I did what I was and sat in of the three chairs in front of him.

"The reason I called you here was to go over some rules."

"Ok." I have no problem with following rules as long as their within reason.

If I or one of your brothers ask you to do something, I expect you to do it unless it's so thing stupid. No swearing. Bedtime on school days is 10:00 and 11: 30 on weekends. Respect. We'll respect you and your things as long as you do the same. Don't go into the basement or third floor. That it, if I ever feel need the need to add anything then I will. Do you want to say?"

"What in the basement and this floor?" I ask.

"This floor is where all our meeting happened, and the basement is the storage room where we keep all our files," He briefly explained.

"If that's it you may go, one of my men will escort you to the to the stairs incase you forget the way" He said already starting to sign papers on his desk.




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