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"Hey bri, our shift is over let's start heading home before it gets dark and the boys start to look for us" My friend Orielle said coming to stand beside me as she releases her gorgeously long blonde hair for the low ponytail it was in.

Orielle is my one of bestfriends since forever and we've been working here at the cafe for the past 2 and a half years. It's small but popular.

"Ok, you clean the kitchen up, right?" Asked double checking. Orielle can be very forgetful at times.

"Just finished, now hurry and lock up so we can go!" She exclaims, pushing me to put the build.

I locked the door and then put the keys in my pants pocket. Me and Orielle linked arms, and together, we started walking home. We sped up when it was getting dark. In the part where we live is never safe for anyone to be walking at night. I always have my gun on the waist band of my pants that's always hidden, and Orielle has her knife in her right hand sleeve.

Both of us froze at the sight of two males ahead of us coming our way.

Orielle was ready to reach for her daggers, ready to throw them, and I was seconds away from pulling out my gun, ready to start shooting.

They kept coming closer to us. It wasn't until they walked under one of the street lights that me and Orielle instantly relaxed as we identified who they were.

Orielle unlinked our arms."Idiots! You could have gotten hurt. " Orielle scolded just as they reached us with her hand on her hips.

She looked and sounded a lot like her mom Esmerelda at this moment.

"Sorry, we couldn't help it, and we knew you wouldn't do anything once we'd step under the streetlight." Fabio, with amusement, is evident in his voice.
Alvize stood beside him with a smirk placed on his face.

Alvize and Fabio are also some of my best friends since forever.

"Why are you guys here?" I ask even though I already know the answer.

"It was getting dark, and you two weren't home yet," Alvize shrugged.

They always come and fetch us when our shift is over from the cafe. Sometimes, they'll come early and will   sit down and wait. They always hated how we'd walk home alone.

"Let's go! I'm getting cold, " Orielle announced, hugging herself.

Just as she said that, I started getting cold myself. Suddenly, jackets were thrown at our heads.

"We knew you would forget to bring like always, so like good friends we are, we brought them for you," Fabio explained.

He's not wrong, me and Orielle normally forget to bring something warmer for us to wear when we have shifts this late.

I put on the jacket over my hoodie and waited until Orielle put on her before linking arms again and started walking with Alvize beside me and Fabio beside Orielle.

It was another 10 minute walk until we finally reached our run-down street that smells like all kinds of different types of drugs and alcohol.

All of us went to our designated house. I walked up to my small 2 room house and opened the front door I couldn't even walk 2 steps in my own house before my adorable little puppy Els comes running up to me and jumping around my let's as she barks with excitement.

I let out a small giggle as I closed the door behind me. Crouching down, pick her up off the ground and give her a hug while walking inside the cramp kitchen.

"I missed you too, Els," I say, kissing her on the head, causing her to rest her head on my shoulder.

My mom got Ella for me as a 13th birthday present for free from a friend.

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