Chapter 7

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After Matthew had finished recounting that experience, he looked up and saw that everyone was looking at him, all with different expressions and reactions.

"Matthew that's terrible! I can only imagine going through something like that." Sierra said with a shocked look on her face as if his story was the worst thing she'd ever heard.

"I'm sorry that happened to you Matthew but things could have gone much worse." Katelyn said sympathetically.

"Yes. You are still alive even after something like a stab wound and excessive blood loss. That is something to be grateful for." Chuck added.

"That's pretty bad ass if you ask me." Layla smiled.

"I suppose that's one way you can look at it." Matthew said, not entirely convinced.

"Don't worry shrimp meat, we'll have you defending those you care about soon enough with a bunch of prayers, wishful thinking and glue to fix you when you break from training." Jett grinned and Layla scold him immediately as Matthew shuddered.

"How is that supposed to make him feel better?"

"So the medipatch on your cheek, that's from when your cheekbone got shattered?" Anthony asked.

Matthew subconsciously placed his hand on his cheek to feel the patch. That side of his face still felt a bit of pain when even slight pressure like from his fingertips was applied to it. He nodded to Anthony.

"Hmmm, that boy... who could he have been?" Bruce was pondering to himself.

"Ah, you were wondering too?" Chuck said to him.

"Of course I was. Not many people outside of the martial arts world would or should know about Mesto Mecha and the four of us." Bruce said.

"Didn't you hear what Matthew said? He has masters of his own."

"Wonder who's disciple decided they could send us a bottom dweller like this shrimp." Jett said as he crossed his arms.

"I'm right here ya know!" Matthew retorted.

"Hmm? Well the four of you have been rather quiet... Well make that the three of you." Katelyn changed her original comment as she looked at a vexed Luke who still had the cloth wrapped around his face... Seriously, out of all the things the masters have taught me, nothing has piqued my interest more than that quintuple knot tie. They need to teach me that!

Either way, Katelyn was right. Amar'e, Luke, Dominic and Eric all had regretful looks about their faces. Matthew's story seemed to have brought out different feelings for the four.

"Those are the looks of four people who have faced similar or worse in the past." Chuck said.

That caught the other's attention and they looked to those four now curiously.

"How about it Amar'e? Would you care to share your-" Chuck started before he was immediately shot down.

"No." Amar'e said sternly.

"But this is a-"

He stood up out of his chair abruptly, "I don't care. I'm excusing myself."

They were all surprised by Amar'e's change of attitude. He was usually one of the more easygoing ones but right now he sounded distant and cold. Whatever had happened to him that lead him to where he is now was more than obviously something he really didn't want to have to talk about. The dining room door slid shut behind him, leaving most of them slightly confused.

"What's his problem?" Layla asked.

"Some things are a little harder for people to talk about than others, isn't that right Dominic and Eric?" Bruce asked with a glint in his eyes.

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