Chapter 11

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Chapter 11

After a couple of days of conditioning their bodies to put up with the rigors of Norrileechanku’s training, all of the disciples were in the best shapes of their lives even if it didn’t feel that way. After that first initial muscle reconstruction, the masters continued to work on each of their weak spots in martial arts. On this fourth day at Norrileechanku, the conditioning was over.

Sierra stood, alone in the morning dew, listening to the sounds of the environment waking up around her. She loved nature and inhaled deeply as the sun began to rise and small animals slowly started making their way out into the new day. She greeted a bird that nodded back at her and began to stretch its wings and fly, singing. She never had thought about it until now, but this connection and love she had with nature had to be because she was a demigoddess. She closed her eyes and exhaled soothingly, letting her head lie back on the grass.

AM: “So, do you come here often in the morning?”

SD: *Jumps up blushing* “What...Uh good morning Amar’e.”

AM: *Laughs* “Is it okay if I join you?”

SD: “Um sure.”

Sierra turned away with her bangs covering her eyes as her face flared up when he sat down next to her. Amar’e smiled as he stared at the sunset, sort of oblivious to Sierra’s blushing.

AM: “Beautiful.”

SD: *Embarrassed* “Huh what!?”

AM: “The sunrise…it’s a beautiful sight. Melina loved these types of things.”

SD: *Calms down* “Oh, well she must have had great taste in beauty.”

AM: “Yea…I’d always wake up and watch the sun rise with her and then the sun set with Veronica.”

SD: *Hint of Jealousy* “Hmm, you must have had it good back than with them both of them.”

AM: *Closes eyes* “Yeah…”

He sat there silent for a couple of moments as if he was thinking of something before Sierra asked, “Uh I don’t mean to be rude or anything but I was just wondering…what happened to them.” Amar’e looked at her shocked for a second then he back at the sun, now fully rising, and there was deepness in his eyes that hid what looked like pain, anger and other emotions but then he looked back at her and smiled.

AM: “Don’t worry. I will tell you one day but not right now Sierra.”

SD: “Okay.”

AM: *Stands up and offers his hand to her* “Come on. Let’s wake the others because I don’t think they’ll appreciate the Masters’ harsh awakenings after everything we had went through yesterday.”

SD: *Smiles back and nods* “Okay, let’s go.”


MF: *Yawn* “I’ll never get used to waking up early. Come on, can we get this stupid over with so I can come back and rest some more.”

LC: “As if you won’t be the last one back, there will be no rest for you.”

MF: *Irritated* “Hey, I’ve become a lot faster and have more endurance then when I first came to the dojo!”

AB: “You fail to realize that so have we.”

MF: “Well I won’t be too far behind now!”

LL: *Sarcastically* “He’s right guys. Increasing 5 seconds is a big improvement.”

MF: “Hey that really is!”

LL: “Oh let me be specific, an improvement in a 100k run.”

They laughed as Matthew argued with them when the Masters came out and joined them with packed bags on their backs. Everyone stopped and turned to them surprised.

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