Chapter 1

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Silver and gold gowns gleamed in the mid morning sun, dazzling the onlookers with their vibrant sheen. The soft wind of Spring swept across a field with the scent of blossoms on it's tail. A group of young adults taking their final rite of passage into adulthood sat in rows of chairs in an open green field. Boys donned gold graduation garments and caps while the girls wore silver. Behind them, sat many proud and emotional members of their family, friends and teachers who watched them all mature before them over the years. The silver and gold theme decorated the entire ritual all the way up to the metallic looking stage with the backdrop being a huge lake that had the sunlight glisten off of it. All of the top twenty students in the school were seated atop the stage along with the salutatorian and valedictorian, the latter currently delivering his speech.

His name was Ryu Drake, a Japanese kid with short spiky black hair and a soft smile. His eyes matched the color of the gown he was wearing, and he also had on a silver sash which read, "Valedictorian". Ryu was exceptionally smart, his GPA a 3.9 and he was on his way to Yale University. Despite what you are thinking, this guy is not the main character. You're probably thanking God right now that the main character isn't a Gary Sue because let's be honest, we all know where that was going. This doesn't mean Ryu isn't important eventually but right now let's pretend that he's just a generic side character. The actual guy of importance was sitting on the stage at the far end, barely clinging to that final twentieth position. He stood out though honestly more than most. His hair was a blue...a light shade of blue but also pale shade...not exactly sky blue, kind of like...huh? Pastel blue? I guess pastel blue is an alright color to describe my ha-I mean his hair. Anyways, his hair was a short shaggy blue, his eyes were amber colored and he had olive colored skinned. The boy's name was Matthew Fordrome.

He was disinterested in the graduation to an extent but he tried not to show it. He knew that he was supposed to be uber excited and proud of himself right now but his mind was on something entirely different. A few weeks ago, Matthew wasn't even sure whether or not he'd be able to attend his graduation. It wasn't because of his grades obviously nor was it anything disciplinary that almost prevented him from missing today. No, it was because he was in the hospital. The thought made his cheekbone ache. A medical patch was on the side of his face like a bandage currently using nanotech to heal his cracked cheekbone. Matthew sighed trying to remove his thoughts from that and back to the ceremony.

"...So I tip my hat off to all of you for a spectacular job well done. We finally got it done but now it's time to take life on in full force. Today marks the end of a chapter but our story is just beginning. So Class of 2094, let's make it count!" Ryu said passionately to end his speech.

Whatever he had said before hand must of been really good though because everyone leaped up out of there seats and applauded as caps were flung into the air.

Damn, I missed his speech. Oh well.

He looked around as all the students began hugging and celebrating with their friends for what would be the last time for a few. However Matthew didn't have anyone to really share in this moment with but his family. It's not like he was a loner or antisocial or anything...people just never seemed to try and make the attempt to be his friend. Ya see, Matthew was just an average guy. He was smart yes but besides his blue hair he didn't have much unique qualities. He was a very scrawny and brittle kid actually, which is kind of why throughout life bullies have taken to picking on him since he was essentially a weakling. He was always just that guy who was there. Smart, but not enough to be in the top 10 at least, a huge weakling and someone who kind of just fell in line with everything.

Matthew always had his family though so that was enough for him. He got up to go meet them but before he could get off of the stage, he was stopped by Ryu, a surprise to him really. He and Ryu had talked maybe a few times throughout high school. They were cool with each other sure, but not enough to warrant a goodbye really so Matthew was surprised when he stood in front of him.

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