Chapter 12

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Chapter 12

*Day 4 – Montreal, Canada*

Luke fidgeted as a water drop plopped right onto his nose. He looked up at the open sky and sneezed. He was lying cold in the car while Jett and his daughter slept warm and cozily in a heated tent. Luke shivered and then growled at the tent. There was room in there for 8 people but Jett decided that he didn’t want him in there lying anywhere near Layla. They were somewhere around the outskirts of the Montreal wilderness and Jett’s stubbornness caused him not to stop and ask for directions when they got lost.

LL: *Sits up and mocks Jett* “Oh, we are following our instincts. We don’t need directions. Look where that got us.”

Sunlight appeared over a mountain and lit up the road and woods. Luke heard someone yawn and turned around. Layla walked out of the tent stretching, wearing a small shirt that hugged against her chest and only her underwear. Luke gulped as his cheeks went slightly red.

LC: *Rubbing eyes* “Good morning Luke.”

LL: “Good morning Layla…err you know you’re still in uh…”

LC: *Looks down at her clothes then back up at Luke with a mischievous face* “What’s wrong Luke? Never seen a girl this exposed? Doesn’t it turn you on?”

LL: *Backs away, face slowly growing red* “Layla what are you doing?”

LC: *Approaches him* “Come on Luke, don’t you want to have one touch, it’s just me and you ya know.”

LL: “Layla, your Dad will wake up any second, I don’t think this is appropriate at all.”

Layla then jumped on top of Luke and had her face so close to his, her hair it.

LC: *Whispers* “It’ll be our little secret.”

LL: *Loses himself to dirty thoughts* “Well…when you think of it like that… EH what are you doing?!”

Layla moaned as she grabbed Luke’s hand and put it on her chest.


LL: “What are you talking about, you made me-”

There was a huge rumbling noise and Luke looked pass Layla to see Jett charging towards them, Sol mana covering his entire body and his eyes completely red.


There was a loud knock followed by a flash of red, white and then total darkness.

* An hour later*

Luke began to regain consciousness as he smelled eggs and bacon. His eyes opened and he saw the Chans sitting next to a fire making a breakfast.

LL: “Ugh, what happened?”

JC: “I knocked you out you bastard.”

LL: “For what I didn’t do anything! It was Layla.”

Layla sat there with an innocent expression on her face.

JC: “Oh yea like I’m gonna believe that load of crap, here. *Throws him a plate with food on it* The only reason I’m letting you have this is because she convinced me into it. Now, I’m gonna use the bathroom.”

Luke began frantically eating the food before Jett had a chance to change his mind.

LC: “Do you like it?”

Luke glared at her and Layla scratched the back of her head embarrassed.

LC: “I’m sorry about that. Just wanted to see how far you’d go. Anyways I made that food for you. Do you like it?”

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