Chapter 5

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A low growl, cute like growl broke the silence that shrouded over a dark alley way. It was probably the most out of place feature about the shady looking place that most people would never go down. That's exactly what the three wanted, no one showing up uninvited to see them. Three individuals all sat in the alleyway with rugged brown cloaks on and hoodies over their heads, making only their jaws visible. The two larger ones were males who each sat saying nothing at all but sweat ran down their heads as they both were looking at their third companion who had a much smaller frame than them, a girl. She held her hands over stomach and groaned in discontent as her stomach growled even more.

"Don't worry, we'll find something to eat soon enough." one assured her.

"We don't exactly have the funds to buy food you know. Whatever we buy wouldn't last the three of us more than a day so explain how you plan to feed us all properly today." the other asked.

"We have been in deep hiding for the past five days. Off the map and system for long enough that whatever party they had after us should have long since gone past us. I think it's okay for us to not have to sleep in the outdoors tonight or go to bed with empty stomachs. As for our financial situation, I know of a place here where we may be able to get money easily, after all he did send me to this city once on a personal mission. "

"Of course he did."

The first hooded male couldn't see it, but he could tell that his companion was rolling his eyes. Then the girl's stomach growled again and she spoke.

"I'm sorry guys but can we please just eat already?"

"Sure. To get the money though, it'll just take some really good mathematical skills and keen senses."


Matthew and his three new mates all walked besides each other in what could only be described as complete disharmony. Anthony stood on the far left, constantly adjusting the blue gauze on his knuckles. One thing about Anthony, more than anyone else, he's always ready to start throwing his fists. He also made sure he was always prepared to change into his Adrenal Knight persona at the drop of a dime though thinking back at it, he didn't really do it much after the night he got his rear end kicked by Chuck. Amar'e stood on his right and beside him was our fearless hero, Matthew...okay maybe not fearless but you know, very close to it. Luke took the final spot on the far right. His leg was bandaged underneath his pants and he still had a slight limp from his botched Superkick attempt on Chuck. He limped on with a sulk on his face.

Anthony and him kept giving each other hostile side glances every now and again. The two had their fair share of quarrels since their undesirable union began. The tension was almost palpable as Luke growled and Anthony scoffed. Amar'e sighed deeply as he was caught in the middle of this. Chuck's exact orders were for him to break up any fight that broke out between the two but he was unsure if he could do that even if he cared enough to. He revealed his slick black overhead wireless headphones. They had a neon blue design running through them and foam black ear cushions. He placed them over his head and felt the foam immediately conform to the shape of his ears to remove all displeasure then he spoke clearly.

"Nexus, play 'Blott Out Playlist'."

Amar'e then lost himself to his music. Yep, he has a playlist for every occasion. He loves to just listen to music a lot. I kind of understand why now but its still vague to me and almost everyone else really. He could honestly just listen to his playlists for hours on end and not say anything. But it isn't about his tendencies right now. Matthew walked in the middle of them with a cheerful smile on his face. He seemed either oblivious to the atmosphere or just decided to ignore it, after all this had been the first time that the four of them were able to take some leisure time to themselves since traversing such long distances with the masters. He looked at it as a bonding time with his three new "brethren".

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