Chapter 14

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Chapter 14

CL: *Holds goatee while looking at the city* “Hmm that’s odd.”

AM: “Eh what is Master Chuck?”

CL: “Do you feel that Lucy?”

LR: “Yes.”

AM: “Is it a mana spike?”

KN: “What’s wrong?”

AM: “I don’t know, Master Chuck won’t tell me.”

ED: “Judged by the look on his face, I can tell it’s interesting.”

BN: *Walks to Cliffside and stands next to Lucy and Chuck* “Ho ho, so I wasn’t the only one that felt it huh?”

SD: *Walks by* “What?”

ED: “Mana spike were all guessing.”

CL: “Jett?”

JC: *Walks up* “Already ahead of you. There are two of them.”

MF: “Is it Luke and Layla?”

LR: “Luke is one of them but the other…it’s not familiar but it’s also Sol and seems just as powerful.”

MF: “Someone as strong as Luke down there? Is it a master?”

JC: “No it’s too weak to be that of a master’s but it’s definitely stronger than that of an average Matthew.”


BN: “Aah I can see them.”

AB: “Who?”

BN: “Luke, Layla and another young man.”

AB: “What?! You can see that far away? You’re bluffing.”

AM: “At this point, I doubt they are.”

JC: “Hmm, I think it’d smart if you went and assisted him.”

BN: “Agreed.”

LR: “It would be good first experience combat.”

MF: *Nervous* “Are you sure that we’ll be able to match up with some as strong as Luke?”

LR: “Possibly stronger.”

MF: “That doesn’t help!”

AB: “Come on Matthew, aren’t you ready to show off those ‘mad skills’ you claim to have.”

MF: “Well I uh…”

KN: *Grabs Matthew* “The more time we waste here, the more they may be in danger. Let’s go.”

CL: “Leave your weapons.”

ED: “Why?”

CL: “It would unfair to use them on an unarmed opponent. Remember, true martial artist have pride.”

ED: “Makes sense.”

As they left, Bruce stroked his goatee as he watched Luke stared angrily at the other boy.

BN: “They seem to be very hostile towards each other.”

CL: “Hmmm if I had to guess, I’d say that the young man is Royce, Luke’s old rival.”

BN: “A great guess as always Bruce.”

JC: “Well I don’t care if they tear each other apart in rage, as long as Layla is kept safe.”


LC: “Huh this is the Royce that you fought all those years ago.”

RO: “Oh I’m famous around here I guess.”

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