Chapter 16

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Chapter 16

Luke was dreaming again of a boy running through the fields of savannah with multiple lions. Then one turned to him and smiled before he was consumed by darkness.


Luke jumped awake and saw Layla sitting on a chair next to him shocked.

LL: “Layla what happened? Where is Royce?”

LC: “You’ve been out for 3 months.”


LC: *Giggles* “Just joking, it’s only been a day. We’re back at Norrileechanku and everyone’s mostly okay. And Royce…he’s dead.”

LL: “What? Did I do it?”

LC: “No. He ran out of mana but still tried to use some. The lost of all his life energy and all of his injuries were too much for his body to handle.”

LL: “I see.”

LC: “Come on, everyone’s in the courtyard.”

LL: “Layla…”

LC: “Hmm.”

LL: “I’m sorry I dragged you into that, if it wasn’t for me you’d of neve-”

LC: *Covered his lips with her finger* “Apology accepted.”

Luke looked stunned when he saw everyone there waiting for him mostly cheerfully, of course only Dom seemed distant. Amar’e and Eric were bandaged up but they looked like themselves as usual when they greeted him. Then they all sat before the masters.

BN: “Our disciples, we have to say that we are terribly sorry.”

CL: “If not for our misconception that you all were ready to fight someone that strong, you’d all would still be as you were before you left.”

LR: “The truth is, only Amar’e, Eric and Luke were truly strong enough to fight him. Had we paid more attention, we would have noticed his ability release his mana. But it doesn’t matter because Amar’e, Eric and Luke were all injured badly before he had even released it.”

Dominic looked down angrily at the ground at how he wasn’t thought to be strong enough to fight Royce when he had beaten him before.

JC: “None the less you all learned something from that experience, mainly what overusing your mana can do, as Royce is now dead.”

CL: “We’ve decided that your training should be quickened even more for the sole reason that you learn to better control your mana better and be able to release it at will.”

KN: “Quicken it? But Father-”

BN: “It is necessary as both you and Layla have seen that when you two aren’t fighting together, there are many flaws in your offense and defense and couldn’t even release her own mana Layla.”

Katelyn looked down shamefully but Bruce place his hand on her shoulder and smiled, “None the less, we are proud of each of you and how you handled the situation, especially you Matthew. You saved Layla and bought Luke enough time to show his true power.” They all looked at Luke.

ED: “He did now? I’d like to see it.”

CL: “All in due time Eric. First, I think today we shall take a break from martial arts and rest.”

MF: “Thank you very much.”

JC: *Eyes glint* “Oh not you Matthew! As I recall you were the only one to not get a single scratch during that whole fight. You’re working your ass off today.”

MF: “No!”

*Unknown place*

??? : “Royce has failed you.”

??? : “He was never meant to succeed.”

??? : “But didn’t you teach him to release his mana for that purpose?”

??? : “Please Draco, the only reason I showed that weakling how to release it was to check their true potential. Unfortunately we didn’t get to see it all but some of them have peaked our interests. Am I right Trinity?”

Tr: “I guess you are John. It was quite a show.”

??? : “Don’t call me that. I swear had he one more time, I would have beaten his face in.”

Dr: “What are we going to do next then Hadeus? Tell Lucius?”

Hd: “My brother left me in charge of this for myself. I’ll tell him when I get full results. But for now we’ll just observe them, it may be promising considering that he is among them.”

Tr: “Him? Heh, this should be good.”


Amar’e sat on a park bench, his black shirt concealing the bandages. He had his eyes closed and inhaled the fresh air and heard the voices families and kids passing by care freely. The sun shone in his face and he felt at peace for the first time in a long time, but it wasn’t long lived as he felt the warmth of the sun disappear and the murmurs of the civilians. He opened his eyes and saw that clouds had formed and what was causing everyone to stop what they were doing. They all pointed up and Amar’e saw what he couldn’t believe. A white light fell from the sky like a comet and it looked as if it was falling close towards them. People began running and Amar’e’s eyes widened when he noticed that it wasn’t a comet at all. It was a girl.

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