Chapter 2

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Jett scoffed to himself as he and the other two masters continued to trek along the road. They were moving at a considerably hastened pace so it was understandable as to why Matthew was panting for breath as he was barely able to keep up with them. Despite their rejection of him as their disciple, Matthew still determinedly followed them after they left the hill that served as the base for their dojo, Mesto Mecha. The fools. They really thought they could leave him behind? As if I'd be so easily sent away like-WAIT! IT WAS A JOKE LUCY! A JOKE!

*Technical Difficulties*

Ahem, I'm sorry about I was saying, Matthew was ragged at that point. He hardly had the time to take restroom breaks without losing them completely and he hadn't eaten still. For about two straight days they had been moving along from city to city, never once stopping for anything. They small talked amongst each other every now and again but whenever Matthew would try to get any type of response from them on anything, they'd ignore him as if he wasn't there. He had been resigned to just trying to keep up with them until they decided to acknowledge him. This was some type of tryout or training right? Their way of making him prove himself. Well this is what he wanted and what he'd have to deal with if he planned on upholding his promise to his family. But the pace at which these guys were moving was frightening really. They had traveled from Miami all the way to Georgia by foot in a matter of two days. Unheard of, especially considering they weren't even running. Just doing the hardest power walking he had ever seen.

As they walked along the road, a huge sign came up overhead; "You Are Now Entering Atlanta!" it read. All of a sudden the masters stopped. Matthew who had his head down while he dragged himself along bumped into Chuck unexpectedly and fell backwards onto his rear as it felt like he had just walked into a metal pole. He held his head in pain momentarily and then looked up at them. Chuck was holding his goatee as he thought to himself silently. Jett was feeling rather impatient however.

"Well Chuck?" he asked.

"Well what?" Chuck's returned from his thoughts and looked at him slightly confused.

"How many miles have we traveled already? It shouldn't take your genius mind that long to process how much distance is between Atlanta and Miami."

"Oh, you were waiting for that answer? I was thinking about when was the last time I was in Atlanta." Chuckled smiled as he continued to hold his goatee in thought.

Jett growled as he stared at the man.

"Six hundred and fifty miles give or take. That's how far we traveled in the past two days." Chuck answered him rather nonchalantly.

"WHAT?! THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE! THERE'S NO WAY!" Matthew exclaimed in disbelief as he jumped up.

They still ignored him.

"That's three hundred and twenty-five miles for yesterday and today. Now that you say that, I'm feeling hungry. How about we take our first stop in Hot'Lanta, get something to eat and recharge our batteries." Jett suggested.

"Hm, I wouldn't mind that. I've concluded that I haven't been here in about seven years, so it'll be nice to indulge in the city for a bit." Chuck replied.

"What about you Lucy?" Jett turned to Lucy and found her squatting down prodding the carcass that used to be Matthew as he lay there seemingly dead with his spirit exiting his body. His nexus displayed, "655 miles between Atlanta and Miami via walking."

"Eh? Lucy what are you doing with that shrimp meat?" Jett frowned.

"The realization of far we walked hit his body unexpectedly and he collapsed. I wanted to see if he still drew breath." she answered monotonously.

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