The disguised billionaire

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The disguised billionaire by EnjoyLiveLove

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Current Status: Completed.

Story Details:

Amber Lee, the daughter of the multi-billionaire, James and Eliza Lee, was forced to live with her aunt in Canberra for 2 long years and to be disguised as a normal teenager due to "important matters" her parents can't seem to tell her about.  

2 years after Amber's normal living, it's time to go back to her original life. With the help of her brothers and the orders of their parents, she's on her way to living the life she's used to for years. But what happens when her brothers mistakenly visited Amber on the wrong day and on the wrong time? All hell breaks loose. It only takes for that one mistake for her secret to be known and the people she became close to finds out about her real identity she can't seem to hide forever.  

COVER BY: @dangerawrs (ally)


My Opinion:

This book is awesome! Stories about disguising are my faves although they ended the same and the plots are almost the same but they aren't. So yeah, you need to read this book.

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Other opinions:

Lol this is good, but the reactions of the characters in the book are REALLY unrealistic but other than that its great


it's a good book


This book is so good


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