Crazy Little Devil

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Crazy Little Devil by pinkyjhewelii

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Current Status: Completed.

Story Details:

Be ready for her trippings. The little devil, Fancy Jewel Abellano.

Copyrighted Pinkyjhewelii, 2014


My opinion:
I like this story! Very funny and you will be mahawa of her language because it's so conyo you know. Haha. I really like this story!!

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Other opinions:

OMG! nakakaloka you talaga Fancy. It's like my dila is not talking straight na! Why you so conyo ba? maya-maya my dila is buhol-buhol na because of your Oh-So-Called-Fancy-Language! XD


galing ng author haha


Aha-ha-ha-ha. Darlaaaa, please make buhol the tounge of Fancy na. :D Starting to love these story


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