You're the Key to my Heart

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You're the Key to my Heart by JessGirl93

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Story Details:

*This was one of my earliest stories that I posted here. I like to think my work has gotten better over the years so please keep that in mind whilst reading* :) "You dont love me?" He asked, taking a step closer to where I leaned against the wall for support.

"No" I said, my voice coming out softer than a whisper. "You're lying" he said, moving to further lessen the distance between us. "Please dont come any closer Chris." I begged, closing my eyes.

Too late. I could already feel his warm breath on my face, his hands caressing my cheeks. "Problem is Summer, I just cant stay away from you." and then he smashed his lips against mine and I without an ounce of hesitation kissed him back.

Summer's being sent away to a fancy new boarding school, far away from the scheming, plotting clutches of her mother and a town she never truly belonged to. She'd be over the moon right? Wrong! The guy accompanying her to the vast unknown is the love of her life but someone whose heart she was forced to break.

Christopher was someone she'd once imagined spending her entire life with but was also someone her mother could never accept. Breaking both his heart and hers, Summer's just getting used to life without him when she ends up with him in a new school, new people and a completely different state. Can she keep up her walls or will Christopher's determination to win back the girl he loves, make her crumble?


My opinion:

You have to read this. I love this story.

P.S. Have you realized I'm making short opinions?

P.P.S. Too tired to make longer opinions.

Read. Comment. Vote


Other opinions:

I really like this first chapter. I'm excited to be checking out your other work aside from the bad boys girl/sequel


Wow, such intense feelings. Imma like this book


I've read this before and I'm back for a second time can't wait to fall in love with the book all over again


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