How to date a nerd

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How to date a nerd by Tsubame

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Current Status: Completed.

Story Details:

(A Leon Walden Story—Sequel to Life as Told by Nerdy) One word. One broken promise. One fateful night. That was all it took to lose her. And I knew we'd never be the same. I wanted to touch her face, hold her hand, to see her smiles again—even if I knew they weren't for me to keep. Now I'm back to square one. I'd make her mine again. But first, I've got to learn how to date a nerd.


My Opinion:

I completely forgot what this story is all about so I re-read some parts to let me remember what this story was all about and you know what? I ended up re-reading the whole book because I love it! You definitely need to read this story.

read. comment. vote.


Other opinions:

Ähm, didn't you say this was not a tragic book, more like a comedy? Interesting beginning, it makes me want to read on badly even though I really need to get going and do my work... :)


Just one more chapter then I'll go to sleep, I'll resist the urge to read a new book I'll resist it I'LL RESIST IT... *4am* one more chapter


This would be very fun for sure..


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