Romancing the Ice Prince

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Romancing the Ice Prince by lostmushroom

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Current Status: Ongoing.

Story Details:

He's my dark past, my once happy-go-lucky ex, he's my mistake, he's my secret, he's the heartless jerk, he's my sweetest downfall, he's the cold-hearted bastard,. And he's Miguel Angelo Tan, my boss.

He gripped me by my waist. "You are mine. Mine, Rein. Mine. Understood?" malamig at mariin niyang saad. His aqua stare making my insides go wild. Wala sa loob na napatango ako. "Good." He smiled. For seconds, inakala kong may nakita akong genuine doon but before I could think twice,...... he kissed me. I realized, he, too, was my everything.

Pero he's better without me. All Rights Reserved.


My opinion:

This is one of my favorite Tagalog book. I so love this! When you read this I promise you you would love it like really really love it. Reading this book was so awesome while waiting for the update was gruesome. Haha anyways, I am always waiting for the update. To the author my suggestion I hope you will not edit the book first, edit it after the book is completed its much more easier don't edit when the story is still ongoing but it's your choice I'm just suggesting hehe. Or I think your not editing it right? Or your done editing?

Haha :)

P.S. This book is #1 in Romance!!

[ Message from the author:

I'm sorry if some of you assumed that my story is written in pure english but I placed it under the Filipino category. If you don't like my writing style (e.g. writing in two languages) you could've just deleted my story from your library or don't bother reading it at all. You didn't have to be rude. Thank you. ]

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mygaaaassshhhh!!! iloveyou author!! this is one of the best stories in wattpad world!! hijiji^_^¥. btw im newbie here!!


I larb ur story! Superb...


update plleaseee i relll really like the story... stay safe and godblees always author..


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