For hire: a damn good kisser [Published under pop fiction]

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For hire: A damn good kisser by JhingBautista

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STATUS: Completed & Published

RANK: #119 in Teen Fiction

Story Details:


Cover illustrated by James John Andres. Taglish. 195php.


My opinion:
Another story by JhingBautista

This story about the story about Dani and Meg's daughter DAMA. Sa first chapter pa lang nakakatawa na. Grabeh. This story is also one of my all time favorite another thumbs up for Jhing. I think all stories by JhingBautista are beautifully made haha charot! Anyways, back to my opinion after reading the Filthy Rich Bitch you also need to read this. Like really really need to read.

I assure you you won't get disappointed :D


Other opinions:



Ooh really? Very interesting story!


rereading ❤️


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