Meeting Mr. Mogul

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Meeting Mr. Mogul by MelonDiaries

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Current Status: Completed.

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Andy Peterson wasn't lucky as she made her mark when she moved to the city. For a month, she was stuck in a job that she didn't like, and lived everyday in nightmare. She didn't know things were about to change as he entered her life. William Maxwell is a man who owned sixty percent of the city's business and real estate. Andy wasn't aware of that fact when the man entered the room. But, that all changes after a few blunt works came out of her mouth. She thought that he was just another arrogant, rich man that she meets every day in her job- which is frequent - not a man who had the power to ruin her life.

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My opinion:
This story is currently the one I'm reading right now and I haven't finished it and since the beginning I knew I would love this story! I am know in the half part of the story and I love it! So so much! I like stories that are more about men that are snob and the girl hates the man at first but they fell in love and blah blah. Anyways, read this story!!

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I love your story!


nice storyline and all


My favorite!!



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