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Luciana POV:

I snapped my eyes open in a panicked state. Someone was shaking me. I was ready to attack the person disturbing me. I visibly relaxed once I saw it was only Alexander.

He put his hands up in defense," Next time I won't wake you up like that."

"It doesn't matter anymore, are we at 45th Street", I said with zero emotion.


"Stay close and follow me, I am not responsible if you end up getting lost", I explained.

"I am not a child who gets lost", he defended.

I rolled my eyes as we exited the train at our stop. Once on the platform, I took notice of the faces around us. Some I recognized, and they took notice of me. Others glared in our direction. I made my way to the exit with Alexander at my heals.

"We are still a mile or two away from his house", I nervously mumbled as I walked in the direction of Zane's house.

We were making good travel time to get here. I began even more nervous as the familiar house came into sight.

I went up the steps and softly knocked at the door. The nerves were eating me up, it has been four years since I had spoken to him. Before I could leave the porch, a woman opened the door. She was in her late twenties or early thirties.

"I'm sorry, wrong house", I told her as I started to go down the steps of the porch.

"Luciana, Wait", the woman said.

I instantly turned around to look at her.

"Zane still lives here if you want to come inside", she explained.

I hesitated before motioning for Alexander to follow me inside the house. The lady smiled sweetly at us as she led us inside her home. Alexander stayed close behind me as we entered.

She led us into the living room. It was basically the same as I remembered, the two black leather sofas, the wooden coffee table, and a large flat screen mounted to the wall. The only thing that had changed was there were now portraits covering the once plain walls.

Pictures of Zane, the woman, and two little girls were decorated along almost all of the walls.

"Make yourselves comfortable while I go fetch Zane", she explained before going upstairs.

We took a seat next to each other on one of the couches. I was nervously waiting, not knowing at all how he would react. I took a deep breath as two sounds of footsteps filled the silence. As soon as I saw him, a smile made its way onto my face.

"Such a stubborn woman", he chuckled.

I jumped up from the sofa, ran into his arms, and hugged him tightly.

"You're even more stubborn than me, I don't want to hear it."

He chuckled as he held me tighter. I bit my tongue as the pain from my rib was all I felt. He soon let me go and we all took a seat on the sofas.

"Your family is searching for you", he explained.

"How do you know that" I confusingly asked.

"Let me explain, I am going to assume that those pictures have caught your eye, yes?"

I nodded.

"This is my wife Hazel, and those two rug rats", He motioned to one of the many pictures of four people," Are our twin daughters, Margaret and Lucinda."

I beamed with happiness," You named your daughter after me?"

"Of course, I didn't", he laughed.

My smile fell.

Hazel rolled her eyes at her husband's antics," She is named after you. After he told me the countless heartwarming stories about you two, I knew we just had to incorporate you into the name somehow."

I smiled.

"To answer your question about how I know your family is looking for you," He explained," Hazel is the daughter of the American Mafia Don. When he calls to chat with her, he explains some of the issues of the underworld. Such as how the Italian mafia is looking for their youngest family member."

Before the conversation could continue, the front door opened. Margaret and Lucinda wandered into the house arguing. 

"Maggie, Lucy we have guests", Zane stated, getting the two girls to stop bickering almost instantly. 

Their focus moved to Alexander and me.

"Why don't you two head upstairs to your room and play nicely", Hazel asked.

They nodded before going upstairs, before we could continue our conversation arguing could be heard bouncing off the walls.

Zane sighed," They can't get along for more than five minutes."

He got up off the couch to go resolve their bickering. However, before he could leave the room I caught his attention.

"Hey Zane?", I asked.

He looked at me.

"Could I borrow your cell for a sec?"

He pulled his phone from his pocket and placed it in my hand. He then went upstairs.

I took a deep breath as I dialed the only number I could remember. The familiar ringing filled my ears, no one answered, sending my call to voicemail.

"Vincenzo Roman, I am busy at the moment of your call. I'll try to return your call as soon as I can."

My heart started to race as the sound of gun shots filled the silence. I could hear the fear in the girls' screams. Hazel jumped from her seat and dashed towards the steps. Before she could make it halfway, her body tumbled back to the bottom.

After the familiar beep on the phone, I immediately started to rant," It's Luciana, tell Lorenzo that he will finally get to kill that bastard. I'm sorry, I have to go."

"Come on we have to leave", Alexander shouted, running towards the door, trying not to take any fire.

"Zane... I'm so sorry", I muttered as I followed Alexander out of the house.


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