Chapter 12: When There's a Smile in Your Heart

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The clock chimed 11pm as Mr

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The clock chimed 11pm as Mr. and Mrs. Darling enter their home, Nana excitedly barking on a leash and racing upstairs to the nursery.

"George, I'm so glad you changed your mind about Wendy and Y/N," Mrs. Darling said to her husband as they made their way up the stairs, "After all, they're still children."

Mr. Darling yawned, "Mary, you know I never mean those things. Do I, Nana?"

The dog in question turned, panting and wagging her tail wildly as Mary opened the door to the nursery.

She gasped, seeing the empty bed of her two daughters, "Oh! Wendy! Y/N!"

She turned her gaze to the now open window, seeing Wendy asleep on the windowsill, "Wendy, what on earth are you doing there?" she glanced around the room for her other daughter, 'And where is your sister?"

Wendy groaned quietly as Nana licked her elbow, before stretching and looking at her mother.

"Oh, Mother, we're back!" she exclaimed, pulling the woman into a hug.

"Back?" George asked, confused as he undid the rope from Nana's collar.

"All except the Lost Boys. They weren't quite ready, "Wendy explained, before gasping and looking to her bed that she used to share with her sister, and sighed, "And...and Y/N."

"Lost boys...Ready? Where's your sister gone?" George muttered as Wendy walked up to him.

"To grow up. That's why they went back to Neverland," she sighed once more, "And Y/N...she got feelings for Peter. So she stayed as well."

"Neverland?" George asked, still confused.

"Yes, but I am," Wendy said, determined as she placed her hands behind her back.

"'Am'?" George repeated, still not catching on.

"Ready, to grow up," Wendy clarified.

"Oh, oh!" George finally said as Nana went to tuck in the sleeping John, "Well, my dear, all in good time. After all, perhaps we were too..."

Before he could pat her on the head, Wendy walked over to her mother, interrupting him, "Oh, but , Mother, it was such a wonderful adventure. Tinkerbell and the mermaids and Peter Pan. Oh, he was the most wonderful of all."

She gently took her mother's hands, a large smile on her face, "Why, even when we were kidnapped, I..."

"Kidnapped!" George exclaimed, worried for his daughter's safety.

"Mm-hmm, "Wendy hummed casually, before turning back to her mother, "I knew Peter Pan would save us, and he did. And we all called him a codfish!" she giggled as Nana and Mary tucked Michael in, and Nana lifted her ear to make sure she heard correctly, "Captain Hook, I mean," Wendy clarified, making Nana relax, "And then we sailed away on a ship in the sky."

She dreamily floated over the open window as George looked at her curiously, before sighing, "Mary, I'm going to bed."

Wendy sat down on the seat in front of the window, gazing at the stars, "Oh, Mother. He really is wonderful, isn't he?" she saw a ship of clouds soar in front of the moon, "See how well he sails the ship."

Mary turned to her daughter, smiling, before she saw the ship as well, "George. George!"

"Now what, Mary?" George turned tiredly, before his eyes widened as he also saw the ship, "Nana, did you see...?"

Nana barked happily at the sight of the ship.

George walked over to the window, "You know, I have the strangest feeling that I've seen that ship before. A long time ago..."

Mary and Wendy smiled happily at him as he continued, "...when I was very young."

"George, dear," Mary said happily, walking to his side and placing a kiss on his cheek.

"Father," Wendy said, hugging him as Nana also walked over the window.

George hugged the two close and patted Nana's head as they watched the ship in the sky.

"When there's a smile in your heart."~

"There's no better time to start."~

"Think of all the joy you'll find."~

"When you leave the world behind."~

"And bid your cares goodbye."~

Y/N and Peter, the latter around the former's waist, stood at the railing of the ship as they both waved.

They both turned to each other with a smile, before they both closed their eyes, leaning in as their lips met.

"You Can Fly."~

"You Can Fly."~

"You Can Fly."~


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