Chapter 3: You Can Fly!

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A/N: Lol, I tried to put the fifth shadow in but I had to draw it with a mouse

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A/N: Lol, I tried to put the fifth shadow in but I had to draw it with a mouse. Sorry XD

Wendy groaned, "Y/N, why on earth are you up so la-"

When she saw Peter, she immediately shot out of bed, "Peter Pan! Oh, Peter!"

Y/N tried to shush her sister, "Wendy, quiet down. You'll wake up the boy-"

"John, John, wake up! He's here," she heard Micheal exclaimed, and she looked over to see that both of the boys had now woken up.

John groaned, putting on his glasses, before gasping, "Jiminy!"

Tinkerbell landed on Y/N's shoulder, "Great, now their all awake."

Y/N sighed, "This is precisely what I wanted to avoid."

Tink patted Y/N on the cheek as the boys walked up to Peter.

Micheal tugged on one of the tassels of his top, "Hello, Peter Pan. I'm Micheal."

"My name is John. How do you do?" John said, joining his brother's side.

"Hello," Peter said, waving at the boys.

Micheal noticed Tinkerbell on his older sister's shoulder and pointed, "Oh, look, a firefly."

Y/N giggled at the boy, "A pixie, Micheal."

"Amazing!" John gasped, pulling off his glasses to observe the fairy.

Tinkerbell snickered, "You know, Y/N, you're a lot prettier than your sister."

Y/N gasped, sending Tinkerbell a scolding look, "Tinkerbell!"

Micheal looked at Peter, "What's the pixie doing?"

"Talking," Peter said.

'Oh, right. For some reason, only I can speak pixie,' Y/N thought.

"What did she say?" Wendy asked, excitedly.

Peter glanced at Y/N, who blushed, looking down, before nodding for Peter to tell her.

Peter chuckled, "She said that Y/N's prettier than you."

Both Peter and Wendy started laughing, before Wendy finally computed what Peter said, "Oh, well, I suppose she's probably right."

Y/N gasped, rushing to her sister as Tink flew off of her shoulder, "Wendy! Never say anything like that again. You are absolutely gorgeous."

"Well, come on, Y/N. Let's go," Peter said, walking back to the window.

Y/N grabbed Micheal's hand as the little boy spoke, "Where are we going?"

"To Neverland," Y/N said, smiling at the boy.

"Neverland!" Micheal exclaimed, bouncing up and down and clapping his little hands.

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