Chapter 10: The Rescue

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Y/N wiped the tears away from her eyes

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Y/N wiped the tears away from her eyes. Peter couldn't be dead. He just couldn't be. He would save them. She knew he would.

She had faith in him.

"And now, which will it be? The pen or the plank?" Hook asked, holding out a quill.

Placing one hand on John's shoulder, and the other on Cubby's head, Y/N held her head up high, "Captain Hook, we will never join your crew."

"As you wish. Ladies first, me dear," Hook said, gesturing towards the plank.

Y/N placed a hand on Wendy's shoulder, making her turn. Y/N nodded, signaling that she would go first. Wendy looked at the ground and took a step back, allowing Y/N to say her goodbyes.

"Goodbye, boys," Y/N said.

"Bye, Y/N," they all said sadly.

Y/N turned to her eldest younger brother, patting him on the cheek, "Be brave, John."

"I shall strive to, Y/N," John said, trying to stay strong for the younger boys.

"Goodbye, Michael," Y/N knelt down to hug the crying boy.

"Goodbye, Y/N," He said, wiping away his tears.

Y/N turned to her sister, gently taking her hands, "Goodbye, Wendy."

Wendy sniffed, "Goodbye, Y/N."

A pirate grabbed her arms, pushing Wendy towards the mast where she and the other boys were tied up once more.

They tied up Y/N's wrists, and shoved her onto the plank, shouting at her the whole time. She held her chin up, walking to the edge of the plank. A tear fell from her cheek as she looked up at the sky, hoping and praying that Peter would come save her.

Once she made it to the end, she took a deep breath, and jumped off.

Everyone of the ship listened for the sound her landing in the water...

But it never came.

"Captain, no splash," Smee said shakily.

"Not a sound," Hook confirmed as he and the rest of the crew looked over the edge of the ship.

"Not a bloomin' ripple," one pirate said, pointing at the still water surface.

"It's a jinx, that's what it is," another said.

What they didn't know was that Peter had caught her before hit the water. She hugged around Peter's neck tightly, happy he was safe. He turned to her with a smile, resting his forehead against hers, before flying up towards the top of the ship.

"No splash, captain," anther one of the pirates said to Hook.

"So you want a splash, Mr. Starkey," Hook said, before harshly tossing him over the side of the ship, "I'll give you a splash."

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