Chapter 4: A Wendy Bird

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The group soared through the air until they landed on a cloud

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The group soared through the air until they landed on a cloud. Peter was showing them the lay of the land from above, but Y/N noticed something in the waters below. It was a ship. And not just any ship. It was the Jolly Roger, Captain Hook's ship.

"Oh, Peter, its just as I've always dreamed it would be," Wendy said, before pointing to a section of water on the east side of the island, "Oh, look, Y/N, there's Mermaid Lagoon."

"By Jove!" John breathed out, before pointing a collection of tepees on the west side of the island, "And the Indian encampment!"

Micheal, who was laying on his stomach at the edge of the cloud, pointed to the ship Y/N was looking at, "Oh, look, there's Captain Hook and the pirates."

Suddenly, a cannonball was fired from the ship, hurling straight towards them.

Peter pushed the children behind the cloud, before stooping down to avoid the cannonball, "Look out!"

"Quick, Tink. Take Y/N, Wendy and the boys to the island. I'll stay here and draw Hook's fire," Peter said the pixie, who looked frustrated.

"Please, be careful, Peter," Y/N whispered, worried for his safety.

Peter turned to her, smirking, "Don't worry. That ol' codfish couldn't hit me to save his life. I'll be fine."

Y/N nodded and Peter winked at her, before turning back around, and whistling to the pirate captain, "Hook! Hook! You codfish! Here!"

Multiple cannonballs were fired at Peter, who easily avoided them. Wendy was flying ahead of her sister and brothers, trying to keep up with the small pixie, who bolted to the island as fast as she could.

"Tinkerbell? Not so fast. Please, Tinkerbell," Wendy pleaded, flying as fast as she could.

"We can't keep up with you," she shouted, "Tinkerbell! Wait!"

Y/N was able to speed ahead of her sister, following closely behind the pixie.

"Tinkerbell, why are earth are you flying so fast?" Y/N questioned, raising an eyebrow at the fairy.

Tinkerbell's eyes widened, wondering how she would explain her actions to the one girl who could understand her, "I-um- I just really want to get back to camp."

Y/N's eyebrows furrowed in confusion, "Then why do you seem like you're deliberately trying to escape my sister?"

"I-uh," Tink stuttered, "Ok, I'll tell you, but you have to promise not to be mad."

The girl sent Tink a questioning look, "I promise, Tinkerbell. Now, what is it?"

"I'm going to tell the Lost Boys to shoot her down," Tink muttered, avoiding eye contact with Y/N.

Y/N's eyes widened, "What!? Why on earth would you want to do that!?"

Tinkerbell sighed, "I just really don't like your sister. I feel like she's trying to taking all of Peter's attention. I've always been the only girl, and I sort of feel threatened by her."

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