Chapter 2: The Shadow Dilemma

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Y/N woke up with a start to the sounds of things falling over

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Y/N woke up with a start to the sounds of things falling over. She looked around the room, only to see a boy with red hair and a green outfit trying to attach his shadow to his foot with soap.

She smiled brightly, tilting her head to the side as she identified the boy out loud.

"Peter Pan," she said softly, not wishing to startle him.

The boy in question perked up from his work, turning slowly to the sound of the voice.

'Oh! It's Y/N! I never thought I'd actually get to talk to her,' Peter thought as he admired the girl.

"I can't believe you're here. I mean, I hoped you would in order to get your shadow, but you can never be too sure. I'm glad you came though. I never thought I would ever meet the legendary Peter Pan," Y/N ranted quietly, trying to contain her excitement so as not to wake her siblings up.

She noticed the soap in the boy's hand, and tilted her head, "Are you trying to attach it with soap?"

"I-uh-um," Peter mumbled, his cheeks turning pink.

Y/N giggled, "You can't reattach a shadow with soap, silly. You need to sew it back on. Here, let me help you."

She walked over to the drawer she had been keeping the shadow in, which held her's and her sister's sewing supplies. However, she noticed a yellow glow coming from the keyhole. As she opened the drawer, she saw a beautiful pixie with a blonde bun and a green dress.

"Oh! You must be Tinkerbell," Y/N smiled at the pixie, "Did Peter accidentally get you stuck in there?"

The pixie nodded, "He didn't notice I was in the drawer when he closed it."

Y/N giggled again, "Well, here, let me help you out."

Tinkerbell's eyes widened, "Wait, you can understand me?"

The girl smiled brightly, "Yes. Yes, I can. Is that not normal?"

Tink shook her head, "Normally, humans can't understand me at all. I just sound like jiggling bells."

Y/N placed her hand in the bottom of the drawer, and Tinkerbell climbed on, "Well, that's peculiar. I'm not sure why I can understand you, but I think it's wonderful that I can."

Tinkerbell smiled at the girl, "Me too."

Y/N smiled at the pixie again, before grabbing a needle and thread from the drawer and closing it. She turned around, walking back over to Peter as Tink flew up to sit on her shoulder. The pixie was a already quite fond of the girl, and she could tell they would be good friends.

Y/N gestured to her bed, "Here, sit down so I can sew your shadow back on. But don't move around too much. I don't want to wake up Wendy."

Peter nodded silently, flying over to the bed and sitting down gently. He hung his foot over the bed as Y/N sat down on the ground. She gently hummed to herself as she sewed the shadow to Peter's foot.

"How did Nana get your shadow, Peter?" Y/N asked as she continued to sew.

"Jumped at me. The other night at the window," Peter said quietly, staring at the beautiful girl.

Y/N looked up at Peter, eyebrow raised, "And what were you doing there?"

"I came to listen to the stories," he said, looking to the duvet and away from the girl's gaze.

"Wendy's and my stories? But they're all about you," Y/N giggled, returning her gaze to Peter's foot.

"Of course. That's why I like 'em. Well, except the times when you sing. Those are my favorite times. I tell the stories to the Lost Boys," Peter said, messing with the fabric under his fingers.

At the mention of her singing, Y/N's face turned a bright pink. She had never really sang for anyone outside of her own family, so the thought of him hearing her sing slightly embarrassed her.

Tinkerbell placed her small hand on Y/N's heating cheek, "You really have a lovely voice, Y/N. One of the best I've ever heard. And I listen to mermaids singing all the time."

Y/N turned her head to send the pixie a shy smile, "Thank you, Tinkerbell. You have no idea how much that means coming from you."

Once Y/N had finished her sewing, Peter hopped up from the bed, flying over to the wall and watching his shadow move along with his movements.

"I'm so glad you came by tonight. I might never have seen you," Y/N said, remembering what her father had said earlier that night.

"Why?" Peter asked as he continued to 'test out' his shadow.

"Because Wendy and I have to grow up tomorrow," Y/N said sadly, looking to her sister's sleeping form.

"Grow up!?" Peter exclaimed, jumping in the air.

"Tonight's my last night in the nursery," she frowned, picking up her sewing supplies to put them away.

"But that more stories," Peter concluded.

Y/N sniffled, looking at the floor, "Mm-hmm."

"No!" Peter shouted, grabbing Y/N's wrist, "I won't have it."

He flew into the air, pulling Y/N along with him, "Come on!"

"Bu-but, where are we going?" Y/N stuttered, trying to keep up with Peter.

"To Neverland," Peter stated as Tinkerbell flew alongside him.

"Neverland," Y/N sighed dreamily.

"You'll never grow up there," Peter said, determined.

"Oh, Peter, it will be so wonderful," Y/N said as they neared the window.

They were about to go out the window before Y/N stopped, "But, wait. What would Mother say?"

"Mother?" Peter asked, scratching his head, "What's Mother?"

"Why, Peter, a mother is someone who...who loves and cares for you and tells you stories-" Y/N said, before Peter stopped her by jumping in the air.

"Good! You can be our mother. Come on," he said, flying out the window before Y/N let go of his hand.

"But wait just a minute I- I can't just leave. What would Wendy say? And who would help take care of the boys? And my parents. The would be horrified if I just disappeared out of nowhere," Y/N ranted, mostly to herself.

She sat on her bed, not noticing that the sudden movement woke her sister up.

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