Chapter 8: Do I Really Want To Go Home?

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The Lost Boys all continued to chant as they made their way to the hideout

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The Lost Boys all continued to chant as they made their way to the hideout. Once they arrived, they danced around a distraught Wendy.

Suddenly, Peter dropped into the hideout, holding Y/N's hand, "Big Chief Flying Eagle greets his braves," He began before imitating the Indian Chief's voice, "How."

The Lost Boys, along with Michael and John, bowed to the pair of them, "How, chief. How, chief, how!"

Y/N, noticing her sister was upset, let go of Peter's hand and walked over to her sister, "Wendy? What's the matter?"

Wendy simply glared at her twin before turning away, "Ugh."

Y/N hopped in front of her sister, "Wendy, I'm your sister, your twin. You can tell me anything."

Wendy huffed crossing her arms, before standing and walking away, "Oh, I thought all that mattered to you was Peter."

Y/N sighed, before looking to her brothers, "John, Michael, take off that paint and get ready for bed."

"Bed?" John furrowed his brows, not wanting to go to sleep.

"Brave no sleep. Go for days without sleep," Michael said, crossing his arms.

Wendy, who was preparing a bed, looked up at her little brothers, "But, boys, we're going home in the morning and-"

"Home!?" John interrupted.

"Oh, Wendy, we don't wanna go home," Michael said, spinning the tomahawk in his hands.

Peter flew in front of the boys, "No go home. Stay many moons. Have heap big time."

Y/N zoned out as whilst Wendy tried to convince Peter that they did, in fact, have to go back to London. Y/N didn't wish to leave, but she knew at least her siblings would have to. She considered the fact that she might stay there by herself, allowing her sister and brothers to grow up. It wasn't that she hated the idea of growing up, it was the fact that she didn't want to leave Peter.

"Isn't Y/N our mother, Wendy? That's what Peter said," Michael said, pulling Y/N out of her daze.

"Why, Michael, of course not! Surely you haven't forgotten our real mother!" Wendy said as she fixed Michael's pajamas.

"Did she had silky ears and wear a fur coat?" Michael asked innocently.

"Oh, no, Michael. That was Nana," Y/N said, walking over to her baby brother.

"I think I had a mother once," Cubby said, trying to remember.

"What was she like?" the racoon twins, who were tied up upside down, asked.

"I forget," Cubby said, letting go of the rope holding the twins, but grabbing it again right before they hit the ground.

"I had a white rat!" Slightly said, before Cubby pushed him away roughly.

"That's no mother!" Cubby exclaimed, before Slightly jumped on him

This made Cubby let go of the rope holding the twins and they fell on their heads with a 'thud.'  Then, once more, the boy all began to fight, ending up in a big dogpile again.

Y/N rushed forward, trying to get the boys to stop fighting "No, no, boys! Please. I'll tell you what a mother is."

Immediately, they all stopped fighting and rushed forward to listen to the girl, "Yeah tell us. Please, Y/N."

All the boys got comfortable around her as Wendy laid her head in Y/N's lap, "Well, a mother, a real mother, is the most wonderful person in the world."

Y/N pulled Michael, who was on the other side of her, closer, "She's the angel voice that bids you goodnight..."

"kisses your cheek," she was about to kiss Michael on the cheek, before she saw the paint still on his face, and used a cloth to wipe it away, "whispers, "Sleep tight.""

"Your mother and mine."

"Your mother and mine."

All the boys wiped the paint off of their faces as they listened to Y/N's beautiful voice.

"The helping hand that guides you along."

"Whether you're right, whether you're wrong."

Outside the hideout, the pirates quietly opened one of the entrances, allowing Y/N's voice to sound out into the forest.

"Your mother and mine."

"Your mother and mine."

"What makes mothers all that they are."

Peter, hearing the voice he knew so well to be Y/N's, peaked out from behind the bearskin door to the room he was in.

"Might as well ask what makes a star."

"Ask your heart to tell you her worth."

"Your heart will say, heaven on earth."

Outside, the pirates, who were all crying now, listened to the song. Smee lifted his shirt to show a heart tattoo with the word 'Mother.' He started to cry harder, turning to cry into Hook's shoulder.

"Another word for divine."

Y/N looked the nearly sleeping Michael in her arms, and drowsy Wendy on her lap. She gently place Michael on a pillow, then turning to put a blanket over her sister.

"Your mother and mine."

"I wanna see," Michael sniffed, hugging his sister, "my mother."

Y/N gently pet Michael's head, still battling in her mind if she wanted to go home, "Yes, Michael."

"I propose we leave for home at once," John exclaimed, grabbing his umbrella.

Then, all of the Lost Boys started asking if they could go with them, before Wendy spoke up, "All right, boys. All right. I'm sure Mother would be glad to have you. That is...if Peter doesn't mind."

"Go on!" Peter said, before popping his head back out of the room he was in, "Go back and grow up. But I'm warning ya, once you're grown up, you can never come back. Never!"

He stormed back to his room as all the boys started to get excited about the idea of going home.

"Oh, dear," Wendy said, quietly.

"Well, then, shall we be off?" John asked, gesturing to the exit.

The boys all grabbed their things, before racing out of the hideout.

Wendy followed the boys, and Y/N hesitated. She turned to the room Peter was in, "Peter."

He didn't respond, and Y/N sighed, "Goodbye, Peter."

She followed her sister up the stairs, only to see all the boys and Wendy tied up and gagged by pirates. She tried to scream, but her mouth was quickly covered.

"Alright, men. Take them away," Hook demanded, and they were all dragged off to Hook's ship

A/N: Sorry, I know this chapter is a bit shorter than the other ones, same as the next one, but the chapter after the next will be good and long. I promise.

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