Sneak Peak of chapter 1

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Nisi P.O.V.

It's the first day back to school and I woke up to the sound of my mom yelling at me, I just laid under the cover like I didn't hear her knowing damn well I did. All of a sudden I felt my cover being yanked off of me and a slap across the face so hard that the corner of my mouth started to bleed and I was hella pissed.

Argument between Nisi & Mom

Nisi~ man what the fuck??!! Why you slap me??!!

Mom~ you didn't make breakfast and you're gonna be late for school

Nisi~ You know what I don't even care anymore I gotta go get dressed and shower before(GCF)

Mom~ No! Your gonna go make me and your step father breakfast first!! We wanna have a talk with Chris and then you can go get dressed or whatever it is that you do!!

Nisi~ You act like I'm some type of animal!!

Mom~ You are!!

Nisi~ If I'm such an animal why you keep letting me cook your food!?!?


Nisi~ Nothing else huh?!?! thought so

Argument Between Nisi and Mom Over

Before I could even turn toward the bathroom, she punched me dead in the face and I was knocked out cold. "Hurry up and get yourself cleaned up before Chris gets here."

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