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Katie Pictured Above

Three hours have passed by and the getty has long since calmed down. I was floating on my back when all the sudden I was yanked underneath the water. Frantically, I flailed my arms because I hadn't caught my breath. When the culprit let go I rose to the surface and gasped. Inhaling calmly now I turned left to the sound of manic laughter beside me.

Katie soon said, "That was for splashing me earlier." My jaw collapsed. Katie is crazy. "Are you insane? A splash doesn't compare to drowning me." Katie started to laugh again and so I just left her, to enjoy her psychotic break. Once again, I began floating around. It is now 8:30 at night. The stars seemed dull but I laid upon water imagining them to sparkle and shine. Like a little girl I wished for them to twinkle. But, instead I got a throat clearing alongside of me. I looked over and Jason looked like he had something to say.

I immediately stood up and examined my surroundings. Everyone was huddled up at the deep end of the pool while it was just Jason and I at the shallow end.

"I need to talk to you." Jason said.
"About?" I looked at him in a confused manner.

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