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     Finally, Waterpolo season has started. Waterpolo, being a fall sport has made me spend the first half of Sophomore year longing for swim season to end. Conditioning has ended, so long days of push-ups & running laps is finally over. The entire team is now sitting on the pool deck waiting for captain announcements.

     Coach Reese coughed and finally said what all the senior girls were sitting on edge for. "Chad, you're the captain for boy's and Lily im putting you on for girls." Amanda gasped in shock & she wasn't the only one who was surprised by this news, so was the whole flock of senior girls. I've known for a very long time that I would be team captain this year, Coach Reese always talked to me about it. He rambles about me being passionate and a strong player in the pool.

     As I capped up and had a friend zip up my suit, I stared of onto the other side of the pool deck. There I saw Amanda arguing with Coach Reese. I don't blame her though. Amanda had been captain for two years straight and I couldn't imagine being a senior being replaced by a sophomore. Looking away, I walked up to the pool deck's water fountain.

    There he was. The most beautiful human being on earth. Chad Lodge. Chad has been my crush since 7th grade. Still, the only time we have ever conversed is this one time in 9th grade when he asked me for a pen. I stared at his back muscles, Chad is as tan as me yet had the most beautiful blonde hair and blue eyes. All the sudden the view was gone, I blinked a few times and noticed Jason is now in my way of the gorgeous Chad.

    Jason Wolfe. The bane of my existence. Jason is the sweetest and most funny guy to everyone, except me. Jason put a hand on Chad's head and dunked his face in the water fountain. Chad laughed and shoved Jason. It's crazy how they are best friends, Chad is very quiet and Jason is known to bring a room together with his extroverted behavior. Jason looked at me as he walked off and scowled. I rolled my eyes.

We did dirty dozens and the freshman girls who weren't on swim team were out of breath and all red on the face. It was adorable because regardless of how tired they would get, the girls were having fun. After the laps boys and girls scrimmaged. Afterwards, all of us were climbing into upperclassmen cars to carpool home. I climbed into my best friends Jeep and then her car was soon filled with all of my closest friends.

     I put on my favorite song Lucid Dreams, By Juice Wrld. And, before Katie could even pull out of the parking spot Jason parked himself at the window to talk to her. I turned around so fast to talk to my girls,  that I almost ended up getting whiplash. Once Jason left I immediately turned back on the song. I couldn't tell you what they were talking about because I didn't even want to listen.

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