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    Driving back home was really nice. My closest friends are the most funny and compassionate people on this planet. Katie my best friend is almost exactly like me. Katie is an extrovert, loves shopping,  coffee, long bubble baths, fishing, boats, and of course warm weather. The only thing I would say is different about Katie is that she appreciates Jason's existence. More so, Katie loves him and can't get enough with him. Which is far different than how I feel about him.

     Once Katie dropped me off home everyone made exaggerated goodbye gestures as they drove away. And I couldn't help but think 'Wow I love them so much.'. Soon enough I was left alone on the pavement leading up to my house. Walking in, I walked to my room and left my duffle bag on the floor. After finishing my homework I got a text from Katie.

Katie - Hey girl do you wanna go to Chad's pool tomorrow?

Me - Um.. of course!

Katie - Perfect!! After practice tomorrow then.

     Afterwards, I ran into the shower screaming of happiness. Struggling to contain my excitement, I ended up dancing around in the shower listening to my music. Which, by the way ended very badly. I slipped and landed on my butt. When my shower ended I limped to the bed but, I couldn't care less because tomorrow i'm going to Chad's house.

The Next Day

     Waking up the next day was hard. I barely slept the night before because of my excitement. Picking out clothes has always been easy for me. So I went for a white tank top and ripped jeans. Grabbing my black North Face Backpack, I threw on a gray turtle neck and ran outside into Katie's car. Inside Katie's Jeep awaited Chloe, Alice and Daniella. All of us screamed and headed to Sergio's for the best Cuban coffee South Florida has to offer. Shortly we were all at school and went our separate ways to class.

     Entering Science would be fun if my teacher wouldn't have been an ancient creature. Ms.Ronald sucked all the life out of science & made it a subject which is very hard to enjoy. Regardless, I wouldn't be paying attention anyways. Because, I have always been more focused on the boy painted in bronze. As I was putting my hair up in a bun and plugging in my earphone when the most unexpected thing happened.

     Chad being Chad isn't a fan of talking in class in fear of getting in trouble. So very hastily he passed me a note. I laughed quietly comparing him to an old man in my mind. The note read "Are you coming to my Getty later? Jason told me Katie had invited you." I quickly wrote back. "Ya, lol was Jason mad?" I passed it to Chad and focused on his face, Those eyes of his showed how scared he was. It was funny to me because, I couldn't imagine caring the slightest bit of getting in trouble. When the note was passed back it read "Jason was enraged." and, I couldn't help but smile. Chad and I spent the rest of the period passing notes back and forth. Can't say that I wasn't ecstatic the entire period.

    Later on the lunch bell had rung. Walking out of third period with Katie's arms entwined around mine was the best part of my day. Daniella, Chloe and Alice soon joined in. We then spent the time walking down the hallway hugging and talking to everyone we knew. Soon we were all in the lunch room, I walked up to the athletes table and greeted the entire table except Jason. Jason looked at me and put his middle finger up, I smiled and mouthed a 'thank you'.

     After school I walked to the parking lot waiting on Katie to show up. My duffle bag was breaking my shoulder already. Especially with all the extra clothes I had put in. I just couldn't wait for practice to be over with. Chad pulled up in his beautiful Chevy Silverado Truck and stopped right in front of me. "Hey Lily." Chad said this as he was pulling down his window and I couldn't help but admire him. "Hey Chad" I heard his doors unlock and almost leaped at the next question he asked me.

"Want a ride?"
"Ya thank you."

     On the way to the pool Chad played classic rock. I screamed in his car and sung the songs word for word. Chad looked over at me surprised and immediately asked how I knew the words to all of the songs. When I replied back "My dad." Chad had yelled "Same!" and showed off his pearly whites as he laughed. My heart couldn't help but beat faster.

     When we got to practice I climbed out of Chad's truck and grabbed my duffle. While I was getting off the truck I noticed across the parking lot stood Jason, a really mad Jason. I couldn't help but laugh. As Chad and I neared Jason, you could tell that he was more than a little bit ticked off. "Why the hell did you give her a ride?" Chad looked confused and then replied "It didn't look like you needed a ride anyways so back off." Jason proceeded to roll his eyes, then walked off.

"Thank you again for the ride Chad" I looked at him and smiled. Chad returned my smile and said "No worries. See you at the get together soon." With that said I don't think my heart has ever fluttered so much in one day throughout my entire life.

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