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Lily Pictured Above

     Climbing out of the pool once practice is over was usually the worst feeling ever. But, today was a different story. Today climbing out of this pool felt like finishing that mile run in gym. As I walked towards the locker room I chugged water from my bottle. Instead of taking a shower, I figured I was going to get back into a pool. So I skipped that part for today and walked myself out to the parking lot.

     Chad was never hard to find in the parking lot. To me Chad's presence has always been dazzling and radiant. Therefore, easy to find. Chad waved at me from the distant left corner of the parking lot & smiled, ignoring whatever Jason was telling him. I walked over and Jason all the sudden looked drained of energy and plainly annoyed. I ignored Jason & smiled at Chad. Without any words spoken we all climbed into his truck. As Chad was pulling away I looked out the window and saw Katie flail her arms in question as to why im leaving without her.

    On the way to Chad's house he plugged in my phone and played my favorites. I hummed to a Wallows song called These Days. Rummaging through my duffle bag I quickly found my Crunch bar that I had been craving to eat all day. I completely stuffed the chocolate bar into my mouth. Looking up I saw Chad's beautiful blue eyes staring at me through the rear-view mirror and soon enough his million dollar smile cracked open.

     Arriving at Chad's house we all quickly unloaded from the car. A lot of our teammates were here already and Chad hurried to open the door and let everyone through to his pool. I waited outside on Katie and all my other girls to arrive. I soon heard a distant car blasting Lil Uzi from it's speakers and started to get excited. As Katie's jeep passed me, her windows were rolled down revealing Chloe, Alice, and Daniella. We all made eye contact and squealed.

I was jumping up and down of excitement to see my favorite girls when I then heard a scoff next to me. Looking over I met eye to eye with Jason. Annoyed, I snapped.

"Problem?" I said.
"Ya, Your annoying." Jason said without breaking eye contact.
"Tragic. Deal with it." I giddily skipped towards my bestfriend's and we all group hugged and jumped up and down squealing.

Katie looked at me and frowned softly. Finally she asked the question that was making her so upset. "Why didn't you ride with us?" I looked at her, smiled and then responded. "No reason. Just wanted to try something new." I then grabbed her hand and raced to Chad's door. We all changed and soon enough all of us were in bikinis walking around the house getting snacks. Before heading out Chloe passed me her phone with her Pool Party Playlist set up. I connected it to the aux and, soon enough the party was in full swing.

    I walked through the sliding glass door and started to run. I flew into the pool traditional cannon ball style and splashed all my girls alongside me. As I swam to surface, I wiped my eyes and smiled looking at a very annoyed Chloe, Alice and Katie. Laughing I splashed them some more and swam off.

Chloe- "Its so on!"
Alice- "Lily your so annoying!"

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