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Fifteen Hot Guys in Speedos by dizzykcovy
Fifteen Hot Guys in Speedosby Kaitlin
Dana isn't your normal, everyday teenage girl. Instead of mini skirts and platform stilettos, she's content with her band shirts and skinny jeans. She'd take a carton...
  • pranks
  • waterpolo
Revised Love by DreamersareReality
Revised Loveby Dreamer
After Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar married off 5 of their oldest kids, they decided to loosen the reigns on their older kids. They've decided to let them date with only o...
  • music
  • 19kidsandcounting
  • jeremiahduggar
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Love is Victorious by go_surf
Love is Victoriousby Kiana
Gianna is a headstrong girl whose goal is to get out of her Junior College and transfer into Cal Berkeley for Sports Medicine. She doesn't want to let anyone and she mea...
  • college
  • relationships
  • waterpolo
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Just say it //Brannie// by FlippinLily
Just say it //Brannie//by FlippinLily
《Completed》#933 in fanfiction! #1 in brannie Annie's POV I can't believe I just kissed him. Well sort of. Does that mean I like him? I cant, can i? Did I just mess this...
  • calebleblanc
  • hayleyleblanc
  • sydnastical
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Meet you Halfway by surferkyla
Meet you Halfwayby surferkyla
Alissa Jordan, your typical 17 year old "tomboy". Her life revolves around skateboarding, surfing and music. She is different to all the other girls her age, s...
  • waterpolo
  • badboy
  • wattys2018
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Water Polo Moments by livycatlover
Water Polo Momentsby Livy
Just random stories of things that have happened during Water Polo
  • water
  • polo
  • aliso
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It Never Rains On Wednesday by mckenziemonster
It Never Rains On Wednesdayby mckenziemonster
  • waterpolo
  • percy
  • kiss
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It's not water volleyball!!! (Kenma Kozme x reader) by Journalizer_Minks
It's not water volleyball!!! (Kenm...by Journalizer_Minks
A girl who goes by (y/n) Tetsuro is the captain of the water polo team, but there's barely anyone who knows what that is. But one cat like boy, kenma kozume is intruged...
  • haikyuufanfiction
  • comedy
  • sports
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Water Polo Rants by whereisthegreensheep
Water Polo Rantsby sheepies
If you play water polo, you will understand this. If you don't you will probably be hopelessly lost, but I guarantee you will still love it to pieces, maybe enough so yo...
  • swimming
  • random
  • homework
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Vendel by u_emma
Vendelby u_emma
Seventeen-year-old Vendel rarely knew when to shut up. Dana never knew when to speak. Or how to speak at all. The Stringovics guesthouse was never a bad choice to spend...
  • friends
  • love
  • school
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Break!~ by RinMatsuoka24
Break!~by yixing zhang
Câu chuyện xoay quanh Takaharu Honekawa, một học sinh trung học có khát khao là một cầu thủ bóng nước và được đoạt nhiều huy chương vàng tại Olympic. Cùng nhóm bạn của c...
  • break
  • sports
  • waterpolo
Malifecent by Teodora4321
Malifecentby Teodora4321
A long time ago there was a girl named malifecent she grew older and fell deeply in love with a boy from the village,but one day the boy betrayed her. He had a child and...
  • volleyball
  • dora
  • soccer
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Cam 💞 by Evan_is_a_ho
Cam 💞by Evan_is_a_ho
Hottest girl on the water polo team
  • girl
  • waterpolo
  • yeet
With a Splash by HiMyNameIsZoe
With a Splashby HiMyNameIsZoe
Water Polo.
  • boy
  • waterpolo
  • boyxgirl
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Water Polo team by alura310
Water Polo teamby Selina
For freshman Sam, joining a water polo team was only natural for her with all 3 of her older brothers playing. Little did she know that she's the only girl on her high s...
  • waterpolo
  • hardwork
  • romance
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Wet by LeaBlueWhite
Wetby Lea White
My life was never that exciting that is until I had to move schools and you guessed it... I'm in High School well I'm just a freshman but I though I was going to be with...
  • heartbreak
  • teenfiction
  • badgirl
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Close friends or distant lovers? by AthensUWU
Close friends or distant lovers?by AthensUWU
10 years. They shared secrets, tears, laughs and so much over those ten years. Adeline and Tony swore that no matter what happened they would be each other's friend and...
  • friendship
  • waterpolo
  • brokenfriendship
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Forever Together by DinoSaUR_oUS
Forever Togetherby Jenny Nguyen
Lux Evermoon is new to Richmore High School and later than met a popular jock named Drake Quincy
  • jock
  • nerd
  • highschool
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Jongens internaat by lau-rec
Jongens internaatby lau-rec
Hey Even iets voor dat je gaat lezen. Dit is de eerste keer dat ik een boek schrijf en ik ben ook niet al te goed in spelling dus dit is niet een super goed boek. Als je...
  • internaat
  • vriendjes
  • waterpolo
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Falling Under by megachillhedgehog
Falling Underby Sharon
Karina lives in a trailer home, Forrest lives in a mansion. Forrest couldn't care less about her, but his best friend, Marcus, is crazy for her. Karina's life is a blur...
  • highschool
  • polo
  • water
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