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Jason pictured above.

     Jason appeared flustered just at the mentioning of katie. I wondered why her name affected him so badly. "What About Katie?" I looked at Jason, studied him. A few seconds was all I needed to understand a lifetime of who Jason really is. Jason's green eyes shifted from time to time and, I noticed Jason wasn't really mean. It's his facade when he is around me. But, I have personally never seen Jason behave so timid.

     Jason seemed to flinch before he could answer. Whether from the cold or from nerves, I couldn't tell you. "Listen. I want to talk about something serious." I perked up and waited for him to further explain. "For a long time I have not liked you and standing here today I am willing to make amends with you if you can help me with something." There was a pause before Jason had finally said what the whole meaning of this conversation was about. "I know you like chad. I like Katie. Maybe we can both help each other out in getting each others best friends."

I couldn't help but smile. It felt like I was signing a peace treaty but I couldn't be any happier. "Let's do it." After these words were said a moment of shock passed by his face. Which was then replaced with a smile. We shook hands on it. Jason and I then climbed out of the pool and exchanged numbers. As the night was coming to a close I said bye to everyone. Walking out of this party felt calming. Today I feel as if all of my stressors and all the negativity in my life went away with Jason simply saying that, we can get over our differences and be friends.

Before I could even touch the door I heard rushed footsteps padding behind me. Turning around Chad engulfed me in a huge hug and I couldn't help but laugh of pure joy. When Chad pulled away not only was the hug a surprise so was the whip cream he had on his body was now, on me. I guess the pool party was missing a grand fínale. Chad then picked me up and ran towards the pool throwing himself and me in the process. When I arose Chad still had me in his arms and we were both laughing in close proximity to each other's faces. Chad is so beautiful and then I thought about how amazing it would be to kiss him, right now.

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