Chapter 2

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Rose was officially turning 11 in the morning. Her birthday being the 20th of April. Rose was now officially 11 and the boys only 8. Turning 9 very soon. The bedroom situations were pretty annoying. Rose had a bedroom in the attic after begging. Then there was Petunia's and Vernons bedroom. Followed by aunt Marge's. Then Dudley's and then in the smallest room, Harry. Rose sighed as she opened her eyes. Instantly being met by her brother and her cousin walking into the room. She smiled and sat herself up. Noticing that her brother was holding a tray with food on.

"Morning boys.." She smiled at them.
"Morning Rose." They both said, Harry handing her the tray. "Happy birthday." They both said.
"Thank you boys." She smiled.
"Mom said she called school to let them know we'd be a bit late." Dudley told her.
"That's fine Dud. How about you two go get ready and have your breakfast?" She told them. They both nodded and left. She sighed and had her breakfast. After finishing breakfast, Rose was quick to get herself up and grab her uniform to put on. She grabbed her tights, put them on. She then put on her shirt and then her skirt. She then put on her cardigan  and then her shoes.

She walked down the stairs of her bedroom, her bag in her hand. She walked into the bathroom, washed her face, brushed her teath, then she brushed her hair, putting them in french braids. She then walked downstairs, right into the kitchen where the boy's were sat. Dudley watching tv while eating a bag of chips. A share bag. She sighed and took the bag of chips from him.

"You know you're not aloud the whole thing Dudley." She sighed. "How about some orange or apple juice?" She asked him.
"I want chips..." Dudley complained.
"Dudley, do you want to grow too big?" She asked him.
"No..." Dudley sighed.
"Then you'll do well to listen to me. I've taught you what is right and wrong since you were just a year old." She explained to the young boy.
"Sorry Rose..." Dudley looked down.
"I'm not disapointed Dudley. I understand craving's. How about you get your shoes on so we can get to school?" She suggested. Of course Dudley and Harry got their shoes on. They headed to school.

Sooner or later it was the end of the school year and they were finally at home. It was the 23 of June, therefore Dudley's birthday, She decided why not go ahead and make breakfast. She had a talent for making healthy meals appealing to Dudley. The only difficult part was to make the Dursleys cut down to just ten presents during his birthday and Christmas.
She of course started making food. A fruit salad was made into a smoothie sort of consistency, which was made to look like an ice cream. Then she made a usual english breakfast. Dudley ended up going to his friends so she ended up sitting in her room looking out the small window. Waiting... Waiting for the Hogwarts letter she knew was coming.

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