How it all started

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5-6 Years Beafore you were born
A 9 month pregnent Adriana (your mother) was pacing back and forth in the hall outside hers and her husband's room. Impetiantly waiting for the doctor to walk out... And he did

She speed-walks up to him as he closes the rooms door behind him "Is he ok?!" "Im afraid there is no cure for the snake's venom, im sorry.." he walked away leaving the foreing woman alone.

"Pedro!" She walked in the room "I told you we shouldn't have come back to your country, we were just fine in America now look-" she was cut off by her hasbund placing his hand on her belly "it's ok, just promise me to protect him will you?" He smiled weakly "Of course i will!" She now was crying she leaned down placing a kiss on his forhead as her tears landed on his face.

Then it happened. The miracle. The tears that had landed on him started...glowing with a yellow-ish light so bright she had to cover her eyes. Once the light was gone she looked back at pedro who was now sitting up on his bed his eyes wide holding a... glowing flower?

"What was that?" She asked shock in her voice "it's a miracle! ITS A MIRACLE!" he said carefully placing the flower down and hugging his wife. "Let me explain" he said..

*instert flashback thingy*
A ledgend says that every once in a while a miracle is given to the people who need it. It has never happened beafore .. in my years of life atleast..
An object will be given to them and object that can never be dystroyed
Or anything like that. We needed this miracle and it was given to us...
*end of whatever that was*

He smiled picking up the yellow glowing flower and giving it to her "this will give gifts and light to our family". And so its happened. They walked back home only to see it brighter and more welcoming than it ever was
"Did that window just move?" The woman asked in disbelif "hola!" The man waved to the house " yes, yes it did".

And just like that the family Garcia came to be..

*you now exist and are 14-15 year old*

You patted your little brothers head "and thats how our fanily miracle started" you said "goodnight kid, sleep well"you turned to leave the kids room when "Hey sis.. was mum pregnent with mateo then?" "Mhm yes she was now chop chop go to sleep" you walked out closing the door behind you, " hey y/n/n" you older sister maria greeted "hola hermana" you greeted back "did Diego ask for the story again?" Yes he sure did, anyways ill be going to sleep goodnight" "goodnight".

Let me introiduce you to tour family,
Your mother adriana Garcia and your father pedro Garcia
Your older brother (20 years) mateo
Your older sister (16 years) maria
You (14-15 years) y/n
Your younger brother (Antonio's age) Diego

Hello hello hello~ thsi chapter would have been way bigger but i have to take my sister to a party hope you like the story might update again yoday bye <3

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