The madrigals

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SHORT A/N SO IM UPDATING AGAIN! it hasn't been long but i have nothing better to do and im scared of losing intrest in this book like i did my other book. Also question should i give y/n my oc's gift (stoping time) or do you guys have better ideas ill credit u <3 heree we goooo.

Family gifts:
Mum and dad: the house and all
Mateo: he can float and his room has a bunch of ballons and everything is in the air
Maria: lets say she has bushy curly hair (like ur dad) and she can reach inside and take anything u can think of her room has various shapes and colors on the walls and her bed is hanging from the celing
You: i dont know yet wither to stop time or anything els u guys want
Diego: will get his with Antonio

The next morning you woke up to mateo shaking you "cmon y/n wake uppp" he said, you groaned turning around to face him wity an annoyed look "what time is it" he did an akward laugh "uhh... itsseveninthemorning"
"Huh?" "Ugh. I said its seven in the morning" "WHAT?" You shot up in bed rubbing your eyes "And why are you waking me up this early?" "Uhh mum and dad said they wanted to tell us something cmon now" he said leaving you to get dressed (you can be waring whatever you want but i was thinking sum like this)

 I said its seven in the morning" "WHAT?" You shot up in bed rubbing your eyes "And why are you waking me up this early?" "Uhh mum and dad said they wanted to tell us something cmon now" he said leaving you to get dressed (you can be waring whatev...

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After you got dressed you went downstairs and walked in the kitchen where everyone was "why are we up so early?" You pouted sitting next to maria "we are sorry for waking you guys up but we have some exiting news" ur dad smiled "we were invited to stay with the madrigals!!" No one said anything "who?" Mateo asked "ok right right. The madrigals are another family that was given a miracle and they invited us to stay with them for a while so that Diego can get his gift with there youngest Antonio" you nodded " and how exactly are we gonna do that? Isn't the door supposed to appear in our house?" "Well.. a temporery door will appear there aswell and once we come back it will be here i don't know how" "ok then.. what abouttt there gifts?" Maria joined the conversation.

"Ok so here is a list" mum slid a pice of paper infont of you

Abuela: age: 75 gift: we don't know
Julieta: age: 50 gift: can heal everyone with food
Pepa: age:50 julietas sister gift: her emotions control the wether
There husbunds: felix and agustin
Julieta's children:
Isabela: age:22 gift: she can create plants?...
Louisa: age: 19 gift: she is extremly strong
Mirabel: age: 15 gift: none
Pepa's children:
Dolores: age: 22 gift: she can hear everything from a mile away
Camilo: age: 15 gift: he can turn into anyone
Antonio: age:5 gift: not known yet

You looked up "whoaaa there are alot of people" Diego said "im going to agree with the kid" you said as the other two nodded "yes they are alot now go pack we are leaving soon" dad said but before he could finish his sentcence you were all running up the stairs mateo holding Diego

~le timeskippp~

You had been walking for almost an hour you were all really tired "we are almost there" you mum reasured you for the 10th time "you have been saying that for the past hour" maria complained "can i ask something." You tilled your head only to recive a nod from your dad "why does that mirabel kid have no gift? Im just curius" that was the truth you weren't going to hate her or something you just wanted to know "no one knows" mum replied "oh. Ok" after 5 more minutes of walking you made it to the village.

"Look! Its the Garcias" a kid said "SOMEONE GET ABUELA" another said and just then an eldery woman walked up to you "its a plesure to have you here with us" she turned to Diego "you must be Diego, are you excited to get your gift?" He nodded happily making her laugh and turn to you and your older siblings "and you guys are Mateo, Maria and y/n right?" You guys nodded "comon then" she started walking to a house it looked colorful and... alive? Just like yours. As you all walked in everyone dropped there stuff and followed Abuela in what you guessed was the kitchen.

You groaned and started picking them up when a very tall muscural girl walked over "im louisa anddd ill take those" she took them like its nothing "thanks im y/n" "nice to meet you then go ahead with the others i will be right there" you nodded and walked into the kitchen everyone was there your family AND the madrigals "Ah y/n were have you been?" Your dad asked "i was just picking up your stuff but louisa helped" "alright now everyone is here introduce yourselfs" Abuela got up. "Im mirabel" "im Dolores" "im Isabela" "im louisa" she said walking in "im Antonio"
"And i am Camilo"  now the older people got up "im julieta and this is my hasbund Agustin And thats my sister Pepa and her hasbund Felix" you all waved and you caught isabela staring at Mateo and he was staring back you looked over at Maria as you both wiggled your eyebrows "*cough* guys your turn" your mum said basiclly shaking "oh- im Mateo" "Maria" " im y/n and this is our little brother Diego" you finished "what about your gifts we know you know ours" camilo asked "Camilo-" his dad whisper-shouted "its ok" you laughed "but you will have to wait for that" you finished "Aw cmonnn" he whined "Anyways" pepa got up "why dont you show them who they are romming with?"

Isabela walked up to Maria and Louisa to mateo then Antonio to Diego
You stood there not saying anything mirabel sight and got up "just know that my room isn't much since i dont have a gift plus Antonio and Diego are with us too" tou smiled "its ok" "but is there enough room?" Dolores asked "i-i don't know..." mirabel looked down. Camilo got up "then y/n can stay with me" you blushed "are you ok with that cariño" (Cariño means sweety or sweetheart)

You blushed more "uhh yea...?" You said. He chuckled "what? cmon" he took off walking up the stairs, you shook your head and walked behind him 'cariño'  you thought again and again until he snapped him fingers infront of your face "oi cariño, we are here" you blushed again "are you ok?.." he asked "yeaaa im fine" you smiled and then walked in behind him.. "wow nice room" you complimented "thanks" "anyways you can have the bed ill just put some blankets on the floor" your eyes widen "what?! No no no ill sleep on the floor im not taking your bed!" "Nope your not sleeping on the floor" "well neither are you!" He stood there for a second untill his lips formed into a grin.

"What?" You asked "what about we both sleep on the bed," he asked his grin never leaving his face, you blushed again 'ugh what is it with this boy and him making me blush' you thought

Camilo's POV
'They are blushing again...cute,wait what? No no nope they are not cute'
"Sooooo?" I asked, they shook there head "if it means you aren't sleeping on the floor then fine" now it was my turn to blush I DIDN'T THINK THEY WERE GOING TO SAY YESS.

Back to reader POV

' he is blushing this time.. thats adorable.. WAIT NO!' "You alright?" You asked "y-yea im fine, are you hungry or anything?" "Nope i am just tired" he nodded "Louisa brought your stuff here, you can change back there and get in bed ill go downstairs cya cariño~" he teased and left.

You walked were he said you with your pjs and changed then got in bed.
And hour later you woke up and looked over to see him asleep in the corner of the bed about to fall off. Silently laughing you lightly put your arms around him and pulled him further into the bed only to have him move around and lay his head on your chest 'ugh im blushing again.. its okkkk y/n he is just asleep' and with that you closed your eyes and fell asleep again...

HELLOO CARIÑO! how did you like it? 1400+ words to make up for the small chapter!  im going to have to rewatch the movie to follow the flow unless you know anyone who explains it... pls help. Anyways hope you enjoyed <3

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