what now?

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A/n HOLY FU- 1.24K READS? *insert me having a stroke* ANYWAYS! So! I haven't published in a hot minute and that is bcs i have been thinking AND im adding more drama! ALSO the last of us reader insert book on the way cuse yes! Opinions on the game? Just askin. ANYWAYS ONTO THE STORY (p.s. its 3am i slept all day and i drank atleast 5 monster energy cans sooo heh) also

It has onky been a WEEK since bruno returned and somehow everythings back to normal alredy, pepa and julieta take really good care of there baby brother and he is very good friends with you! You parent's death affected you and your siblings alot but it also brought the four of you closer and it has been less hard with the madrigals there (*cough* camilo *cough*)

You were walking around town helping anyone that needed help when "Disculpe, señorita/señor, ¿puedo preguntarle algo?"(Excuse me, miss, can I ask you something?) You turned around to see a middle aged looking man with blonde hair and grey eyes 'odd' you though, you out on a smile and replied "por supuesto señor, ¿cómo puedo ayudarlo?"(of course sir how can i help you?) He grined "en primer lugar, ¿hablas inglés?"(first of all, do you speak english) 'ok noww that was a red flag, why would he ask that?' You were suspicious of him so you decided to act like you didn't know english "lo siento, no hablo ingles"(no sorry i don't speak english) he nodded "está bien, ¿sabes dónde vive la familia madrigal?" (It's ok do you happen to know were the madrigal family lives?) You were shocked... why would he ask you that? I mean everyone knows were they live... plus, were is he from..

You didn't wanna put anyone is danger so you were going to ask who he was when "morning love how are you?" Camilo walked over 'way to go chamelon boy' the man looked confused, you turned around with a fake confused look "¿Qué? lo siento, no te conozco" you said hoping he would catch on, and thankfully he did "¡Oh Dios mío! Lo siento mucho, te pareces a alguien que conozco, ¡que tengas un gran día!"(Oh my God! I'm so sorry you look like someone I know, have a great day!) He left.

You turned around to the man "No te he visto por ahí, ¿de dónde eres?"(i haven't seen you around, were are you from?) He shook his head "América, me iré ahora" (America, i'll go now) and he left. Once he was out of sight you ran to the madrigal's house, you burst through the doors panting "my god, why are you running dear?" Asked a startled Julieta "man..American... was looking..you..suspicious" you coughed out "calm down y/n hunny, casita could you bring some water?" She said helping you to sit down, after thanking casita and drinkong your water you explained to her about your conversation with them man and how he seemed suspicious,.

She called abuela down and you explained it to her aswell "oh let me get this straigh... so a blonde american man was looking for us and asked you if you speak english even tho he already knew spanish... and you didn't tell him ONLY because you THOUGH he was suspicious?" She asked "yes but hear me out.... he looked.. idk bad.. and he was waring some type of armor, i just though i should tell you first" you defemned, she nodded at you "fair enough, i'll look into it" then left, just then Camilo walked in the house and Bruno ran out if his tower/room looking scared "THEY ARE BACK!" he shouted... "THE PEOPLE WHO KILLED PAPÁ ARE BACK!" he shouted again you'r eyes widen and you looked over at Camilo to find him looking at you "Bruno calm down" you said genatly giving him a side hug ams walking him over to sit down.

(SIDE RANT! If yl who this is from platonically marry me RIGHT TF NOW)  after Bruno came back everyone was gentle with him.. as he was really tired mentally and probably phycically even tho he was hyper af.

"Now deep breaths" you said as you started breathing with him.

Camilo POV

I watched as they calmed my tìo down, gosh they are so gentle and nice how did i get so lucky... i mentally slapped myself 'not the time to simp Camilo' i though and watched as Bruno calmed down and started explaining.

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