it's true.. (or is it👁👁)

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OK SO! Grab yall's tissues and food snuggle up in bed cuse its time for angst! This book has been a lik too fluffy and im being to nice to you sooo! Heh also i myself like angst. ONTO THE STORIE!

You woke up in the middle of the night 'i swear i heard something' you looked down at camilo who was hugging you, slowly lifting his arm off of you you got out of bed and looked down at yourslef remembering that Camilo didn't let you change, you looked around the really big room when you saw something moving in the corner. As you looked closer you realised it was a rat.

It started running out of the room, you were just with socks on but you ran after it bumping into mirabel in the middle of the hallway, you looked at eachother for a split second before running after the now two rats qho turned a corner, you thought you had lost them when when you saw one struggling to get behind a painting, Mirabel looked at it then pulled it to reveal a hole behind, you both went in and saw a man in green with his hood up, thunder, the man was looking at you, another flash, he was now running away.

You looked at mirabel and took off running behind him "was that your tio?" You asked "i think so" she replied, you bith stopped infront of a big gap the man had jumped over with the help of some planks on the sides, you took a deep breath "don't tell me-" Mirabel said as you started jumping over, just when you thought you had made it the part of the floor you were standing on fell, "Y/N" she screamed, you were handing on by a small pice of wood barely on it's place "help" you wishoer-shouted then the pice you were holding onto broke "AH-" you screamed waiting for impact that never came, you both looked up to see Bruno.

"You're swety" he said trying to pull you up only to fall down now you were holding him, just then a rat came out of his sleeve scaring you into letting him go "BRUNO!" Both you and Mirabel screamed, then he poped up under the fog, he waved his hand to get rid of it onky to reveal how small the hole actually was, you helped him up and mirabel jumped down so you helped her up aswell.

Bruno looked at the both of you, "bye" he said walking past you "tio bruno-" she said "knock knock knock knock knock, knocn on wood" he said knocking on the walls and his head "Bruno please" you pleaded "you were never supposed to see that vision, no one was" he said "salt" he threw some salt on your faces "no? Sugar?" He asked throwing sugar at you this time. He sat down and started explaining to you about his rat novelas and everything "Bruno i know abou these" you said "wait wha- OH! youre y/n the person that can stop time right?" You nodded mirabels jaw dropped "THATS YOUR GIFT?" you nodded again Bruno hugged you "sorry kid, didn't realise, how have you been?" He asked wiggling his eyebrows "AHA! I KNEW I HEARD SOMETHING" you said, then you three sat down and started talking about casita and the magic as he explained what happened 10 yeats ago.

Camilo's POV(point of view for those you don't know)

I woke up just as y/n ran out the door, i rubbed my eyes and got up to look outside, they were nowere, i looked in the kitchen the sala GOD even in mirabel's room, nope no y/n, i walked around the house looking for them when i realised Mirabel was missing too, then mamá walked out of her room "mami! Have ypu seen y/n or mirabel? They are both gone"i said "no but i'll wake everyone up, except your Abuela" she said.

Soon enought everyone was looking for them "Y/N MIRABEL" i shouted my head turning into one lf a babies mid sentence.

Back to reader POV

"Y/N,MIRABEL!" Camilo shouted turning into a baby mid sentence, you Mirabel and Bruno had seen a vision ajd were on your way to do as it said but in your mind there was something els

Flashback brought to you by knocking on wood (and heads)

You were in antonios room sitting inside a sand circle "you might wanna hold on" bruno said as his eyes shown a neon green, you grabbed his hand and Mira's (your nickname for her) as the same thing you had seen already played"It's the same thing, i need to stop" Bruno cried "No we need to gk wich way it goes" Mira said, just then you saw it, you screajing and crying but this time Camilo was hugging you, your sibling were glaring at you with tears in there eyes and your parents were kayning on the floor lifeless, then it changed to mirabel hugging isabela, "ISABELA?" she screamed "oh your sister thats nice" Bruno said

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