Antonio's And Diego's Gift

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OK BEFORE I START CREDITS TO gronknuks_ for an idea ill tell you when its time also ur gift is to stop time :> ANYWAYS TO THE STORY!

After some time i woke up again, i felt something heave on my chest only to see camilo asleep, i panicked until i remembered what happened before i fell asleep again. I had no idea what time it was and i didn't want to wake him up 'gosh he looks peaceful, Y/N SHUSH U MET THIS BOY LITTERLY TODAY, or yesterday... ugh' i diceded to wake him up, we cant stay like rhis forever.

"Hey Camilo wake up" you wishpered he groaned burring his face into your neck "solo cinco minutos mas corazòn" (THE CREDITS GO HERE FOR THE NICKNAME) 'here we go again' his voice was deep and kind of raspy but still adorable "Camilo no, get up" "i don't want tooo" he groaned again "do u even know whats going on right now?" You silently laughed again "mhmmm~" "tell me then" "i am cuddleing you" you started wheezing at this point "and who am i?" "Y/n...wait Y/N" he jumped up "I AM SO SORRY!" you were full on laughing by now "it's ok dont worry about it i already knew" you finally calmed down "what do you mean you knew?" He said in shock "ok so basically you were aboit to fall off the bed so i pulled you up and you just cuddled up to be and wouldn't let me go-" he was blushing and his hair was a mess making you reach up and run yoir hand throuh it, he blushed even more if that was even possible.

"Since you now have two nicknames for me i think i shoukd return the favor" "...y/n we were littelry JUST asleep cuddling in my bed and thats what you have to say?" He was still blushing, you smiled and nodded "yup, soo lets see hmmmmm what about..." he was looking at you wide eyed "mi cielo?" You smiled with that he squeaked and fell off of the bed "a-are you o-ok?"you asked laughing " i-im fine" he got up "what time is it?" He shrugged "its can't be past 8am Abuela usualy wakes me at then" "so uhhh... what now?" He stood there.. "if im being honest.. i want more cuddles but i don't wanna make it weird since yk.. we kinda just met... " you laughed "i mean since we already did cuddle kinda.. it shouldn't be a problem" and you opened your arms"

He jumped on you hiding his face in your neck again "never though i'd be so comfortable with someone i just met" he mumbled "tell me about it" then you heard footateps "someones comming pretend your asleep"you wishpered closing your eyes "i know you guys are awake" you heared dolores say as she walkee in closing the door behind her, camilo groaned "what do you wanttt?" She laughed "mamá send me to wake you guys up cmon, get up mi cielo" she said jokingly "DON'T CALL ME THAT" he said sitting up with you doing so right after "why? Is your Novia only allowed to call you that?~" he blushes again so did you "she is NOT my girlfriend" he said "yet" she finished for him then left.

"Sorry about her" he scrathed the back of his neck "its alright, mi cielo i think she is cool" "THANKS!" she shouted back "anyways ill go back there to get changed" you said grabbing you clothes and going to change (either the same as last chapter or this)

"Sorry about her" he scrathed the back of his neck "its alright, mi cielo i think she is cool" "THANKS!" she shouted back "anyways ill go back there to get changed" you said grabbing you clothes and going to change (either the same as last chapter...

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After you were both changed you walked down in the kitchen only to see EVERYONE there "took you lovebirds long enough" Maria said "..very funny" you rolled your eyes and took the food julieta had given you with a thanks and sat down next to mirabel and ate as you talked.
The rest of the day was spend getting to know everyone and hanging out with camilo.. and it was finally time for the ceramony.

You were behind the curtains with everyone "your going to do great and have an awsome gift"you wishpered to Diego as you hugged him "do you promise?"he asked "of course i promise" dolores then chimed in "Abuela says its time" you nodded and grabbed camilo who had turned into his dad "good luck you two" and with that you were standing infront of the crowd looking at your brother and his friend walking towrds your mum and Abuela, you gave him a thumbs up and a small smile.

When they reached the top of the stairs Camilo grabbed your arm making you turn to face him and make eye contact, you nodded and turned back to the ceramony Camilo not letting go off you imstead holding your arm tighter.

After Abuela was done with her speech Antonio and Diego opened there doors A tucan flew on Antonios shoulder and a second later he said "ahuh i understund you" everyone clapped as for Diego.. he disapeared but his dooe was there ... "BOO" someone said behind you "GAH-" you screamed and turned around "GUESS WHOS GIFT IS TO BE INVISIBLE" He said turning visible.

You smiled wide and hugged your little brother.


You were having fun at the party dancing around with camilo and your siblings when Mirabel walked in saying that casita was in danger and that there are cracks everywere, you went oit to check and then Abuela anounced that it was nothing making Mirabel leave. You wanted to go after her but Camilo stopped you "she probably meeds some time" you smiled but pulled your hand from his "and someone there for her" you said and went to find her.

You had stoped the time just so she didn't get far bit on your way to her room you saw a man in the hallway (ill let yall guess) he was waring green and he had his hood up he has long curly hair and bags under his eyes and rats were following him. Who could this be... you snaped your fingers and stood infront of him. His eyes widen "hi...?" She said backing away "hi? Who are you?" You asked.. "they haven't said anything about me have they?"he asked "im Bruno" he said and started explaining to you about what happened and how he was in the walls for 10 years he showd you his rat telenovelas and told you about Dolores being the onky person that knew. You promised to visit him and went off to find Mirabel.

You walked in her room, there she was holding her pillow "hola mirabel ¿Estás bien?" You askes. She looked up "im fine"she wiped her eyes "i belive you" you smiles sitting down infront of her "you do?" She asked smiling a bit "of coirse i do why would you lie about something like that? Or even lie in the first place?" "Thanks, i think im gonna get some sleep" she laid down "good night"you went to Camilos room, he was sat on his bed looking ready to cry "Camilo?" "Y/n? i looked everywere for you" he said hugging you his again messy hair tickling your neck "i was in mirabels room its alright mi cielo im fine" you patted his head "sleep?" He asked "yup" after you got changed you got in bed and Camilo fell asleep on you again 'what is going on with me and this boy..?' You thought and closed your eyes.

Camilo's POV
I closed my eyes listening to there heartbeat.. why do i feel this way? I just met them, i need to ask mum and dolores about this.

And with that you both driffted off to sleep



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