Bruno's Tower

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HI HI! i was asleep all day im so sorry i have some really good ideas and sum angs on chapter 5-6 so stay tuned for that, TO THE STORY!alsoooooo there may or may not be a surprise hereeeee

The next day you were walking to camilo's room from the kitchen when you were pulled in mirabel's room "WHAO- Whats up?" You asked trying not to fall "ok so, luisa was acting weird in the morning andd i think she might know somethong about the magic and the cracks" you blinked twice "what do you mean 'weird'?" She laughed akwardly, "welllll she looked nervous snd she kept looking around for no resone"

You choacked on air "luisa- NERVOUS?" Ok what is going on.... "well what do you say we do?" "Find her and talk to her" ..."ok fine lets go" she did a small celebration dance and you set of to find luisa.

You had been begging her to tell you for a while now "I SAID NOTHING IS WRONG- i-im sorry i don't know what happened there" her eye twitched "y-your eye is doing the thing" you pointed out "everythings fine, the magic's fine, luisas fine, why would snything be wrong?"

(Surface pressucre but add youself with mirabel)

"Maybe you carry a little too much" Mirabel said "y-yea maybe i am" luisa nodded and hugged you both, then she left, "so now what?" You asked "i.. have no idea" she scratched her head "lets head back then" ok the way she stopped infront of a paintingnof the family " Thats it-"  "wha-?" "MY- my tio bruno" she whispered "didn"t he leave like.. 10 years ago?" "Yes byt his tower didn't" she smirked "you wanna go in you tio's twer?" You whisper-shouted "plssss? You are the only one who belives me" you facepalmed "alrigh fine" and so you did

On your way to bruni's tower Abuela and your mum caught you "were are you two heading?" Aburla Alma asked "oh- hola Abuela Alma, Hola mamá we were just walking around" you said nervously when "My gift im losing my gift"  luisa walked upstairs crying "what?"  "You see, me y/n and mirabel were having this conversation about how i carry too much, so i tried not to and then when i tried to throw the donkeys in the barn they were... THEY WERE HEAVY" she cried and closed herself into her room "what did you guys say to her?" Your mum asked before being called downstairs "we will talk later" they said and left.

You let out a breath you didn't know you were holding "let's go" Mirabel grabbed your hand and you run up the stairs to her tio's tower "is that a- sand wall?"- you rubbed your eyes "Casita? Some help?" She asked only to see some tiles move outside "looks like she can"t help in here" you said and walked through the sand only to fall down face first "you good?" Mirabel asked helping you up, you nodded "there are more things we should care about right now" you said pointing behind her into a GIANT staircase "awh come onn-" she whined.

One hour later

You had finally made it to the top, you both collapsed down huffing and puffing "your tio went up THAT for how long again?" You asked sitting up "i have no idea" she shrugged doing the same "REALLY NOW?-" you whined seeing as there was a gap "time to play tarzan" you smiled and picked up some rope from the broken bridge threw it up and grabbed her "hold on" "wait what- WHOA" she said as you swang the both of you to the other side "tadaa" "...i hate you for that but thanks"

Once you made it inside the room you looked around seeing a bunch of sand and carvings on the walls, you slowly walked around until you felt the ground shake "y/n help me pick up the green glowing thing!" Mirabel said as you two run arouns picking the parts up and out of the room closing the door behind you only to have the sand push you both to the edge "ah-" you scrambled up "lets get back"

Once you were in mirabels room

"Ok lets see" she said "you make that one and ill work on this one" she pointed you nodded and started working on it putting the pices together, when you were done you looked at the one mirabel had it eas her standing infront of a cracking casita that changed from having cracks to not having them once you moved it. Then you transfered your gaze to yours, it showed mateo, maria and Diego crying over your parents' dead bodies and you were on the side screaming...

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