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ok so, gerige kept a box with freds stuff in it, everything he found in freds drawrs, clotges, everything, one of those things was a plain parchment he had never seen before, one day on april 1 georges eldest 14 year old son fred ll walks past his fathers bedroom and hears rumblling, curious the kid walks in quietly, and looks around for a bit until he finds the source of the sound coming under the bed. He bends down pulling out a pretty big box with the name "FRED WEASLEY" on it. He thinks for a moment and opens the box, inside there are alot of stuff, from candy to quills and meny more. But what cought his attention was a pice of parcment kind of flapping around in the box. On the front it read "to george" the boy thought for a second wether to bring it to his dad or not. But curiosity got the best of him and he unfolded it.  After reading it he clenched his hands into fists and shoved the parchment in his hoddie pocket. Running in his room he grabbed his wand and pit it in his pocket aswell. He walked down the stairs and pokes his head inside the kitchen. "Mum, dad, im going put for a while don't know when i'll be back" his mum just shook her head and george lifted his head from his notebook were he was trying to write ideas for the shop "were you off to?" Fred ll smiled slightly "just to a friends don't wory" george nodded and turned his attention back to his work. After a while the boy gets gets off the train and makes his way to hogsmade were he was greeted by meny vilagers. Once he reached honeydukes he took a deep breath and made sure no one was around, quickly he run to the back of the store and into the celar door. It was dark. But he was able to make out a tall mans silluete "you know, dad dosn't celebrate his birthday anymore" he said knowing who the man was. Then the lights turned on revealing the one and only, belived to be dead till today, fred gideon weasley, "what- why?" He asked his smile fading "don't play dumb, you know exactly why, it's been almost over 20 freaking years 20 YEARS!" the boy pulled out the parchment and read it out loud "hey georgie, it's fred remember when we used to sneak in and oit from honeydukes intot he celar? Why don't you go retrive some meories from me" finishing he ripped it apart "you know damn well he woukd have stoped reading at "fred"... the older fred looked shocked "he would?"  He took a step forward making the boy step back and pull out his wand im not gonna hurt you kid, whats your name?" He asked "fred, fred weasley" the man's eyes went wide once more "let me correct something. fred weasley ll" just then his phone rang, he pulled it out reading the name "dad" he put his finger over his mouth telling the older ginger to be quiet and picked up "hello dad" "hey, were are you? Its almost dinner time" the boy pulled the phone away from his ear clicking the speaker button " i know, sorry im late" george chuckled "it's fine kid, just be careful ok?" Before he coukd respond a cough escaped the older mans throat "what was that?" George asked "my friend" "that didn't sound like a 1 year old kid's cough to me" the boy sight and told his dad that he couldn't explain from the phone and that he woukd bring company over. Hanging up he gkared at the guy he was named after "this prank is sick you know, anyways come on your twin is waiting" he said  climbing the ladder.
Stabding outside the house he took and deep breath and used his keyes to walk in followed by THE fred weasley "finally, whats.., up?" George froze as he walked down the stairs "f-reddie?" He mumbled tears in his eyes "im sorry georgie it was all a stupid, sick prank. I'll understund if you can't forgive me but-" he was cut of by his twin tackling him in a hug "it was damn good one tho" he said. That night fred and geirge, george and fred blew out the candles on the cake together once again, in there sweters of course, they couldn't wait to tell the others.

I have no idea how i came up woth this its 4 in the mornign and i need to go to sleep bye <3

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