took you long enough

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SORRY FOR THE CLIFF HANGER LAST CHAPTER BUT I WAS TIRED (P.S. i slept so don't kill bruno and his rats) ONTO THE STORY!

Previously (ive always wanted to write this lmao)

"No.. no no no no" you cried, camilo then came over and hugged you as you cried "it's gonna be ok"

"No! It's not tonna be okay?" You said pushing him away, you looked to your siblings, they were all gkaring at you even Diego "w-what- how?" You asked, Maria got up "after you run off, mum tried to run after you but she triped and hit her head... then dad, well... lets just say he missed his wife alredy" she said with a raspy voice.

Bruno walked up to you, guilt all over his face "i'am sorry kid, i understand if you hate me now-" you cut him off "i don't hate you, why would i? This isn't your fault it's mine" you replied "but- but i saw the vision, Maybe if i hadn't" "Bruno! You gotta stop beliving what others say.. you can only see the future not change it" he nodded snd hugged you again.

You cried hugging him for some minutes but they felt like hours, "y-y/n?" You heard the, oh so familiar voice, of camilo. You wiped your eyes and looked up at him...."hm?" He slowly walked up to you "listen im sorry for thinking that you'd leave i was just" "it's alright camilo" "ARE WE JUST GOING TO IGNORE THE FACT THAT MUM AND DAD ARE DEAD!?" Mateo screamed.

"No, no we aren't" you shook your head tears starting to run down yourneyes again (BFR U ATTACK ME BOTH PARENTS DIED BCS OF EM OFC THEY GONNA CRY!) ,He walked over and hugged you "sorry sis/bro i know it isn't exactly your fault, i was mad" "it's alright" you asured.

Le time skip cuse im wayyy to lazy and you know it :>

After the funeral you were curled up in a ball on Camilos bed, you had talked it out and the town people had helped you re build casita,  crying "cariño? Are you here?" He asked walking in "here" you sniffled, he sat biside you on the bed slowly running his fingers through your hair "i know its hard but... they wouldn't want you to be sad now would they?" You shook your head 'no' he lightly smiled "mateo maria and diego are alredy trying to get over it.. why don't you aswell?" He looked up and smiled at him "fine, what do you suggest?" You sat up, he grined "fist of all this"he said pressing a light kiss on you lips "now, cmon"he took your hand and dragged you outside

Casita opened the doors for you two as you run outside "gracias casita" camilo said not stopping, he took you to the twon and tried to splashed some water at you, you grinned and snaped your fingers stoping time, you moved Camilo to were the water would hit him, but after you unpaused time he moved and the water fell on a random man, you grabbed his hand and took off running. "What the heck?" He asked "surprise my gift is to stop time" you said as you made it behind casita and sat down against the wall laughing "t-thats so cool" he said panting "i know, amor" he looked at you blushing wide eyed "what?" You asked "i- i though you wouldn't wanna call me that anymore" he admited looking away.

You placed a hand on his cheek turning him to face you "camilo, thats old news, i don't hate you... infact i love you" you reasured him "you what?!" His voice was cheerful again "you heard me, i said i love you Camilo Madrigal" you repeated "me too" you tilted you head "you love yourself too?" He brought your face closer to his "no, i love YOU y/n Garcia" (ik it sounds cringe af but YALL KNOW HE WOULD!) "FINALLY" was heard from inside the house from everyone, you giggled "Dolores" you both said as he leaned in and kissed you, this one lasted longer than the last on but not too long, "took you long enough" you said as you both burst out laughing.

Then bruno walked over "Y/N, CAMILO! CAN I SAW YOU MY NEW RAT NOVELA?!" he asked hapilly "sure!" You said as he held two rats and started acting out... what you and Camilo had been through all this time... once he finished you smiled at him "i have no idea what to say" camilo said, bruno lightly smacked him upside the head "Ask the to be your partener/girlfriend/boyfriend  pendejo" "LANGUAGE" pepa shouted "Sorry pepa!" Bruno shouted back "go on, go on" he said, camilo blushed "what is it with you and blushing?" You teased him "lets just get this over with, sooo... be mine?" He asked akwardly "your gonna need some work on that but back to the point, of course!" He smiled and hugged you "WHOO WHOO" dilores screamed runnung over to hug her baby brother " FINALLY" isabela and mirabel came over wity mariano "pls tell me this is what i think it is?" Isa asked "depends on what you think it is" you shrugged "THEY ARE FINALLY DATING" Dolores screamed.

Even Mariano cheered, you looked at him shocked "what? I only saw you two interact one night, and that was chaotic, and i already shiped" he smiled hugging dolores, mow it was your turn to cheer "TOOK YOU LONG ENOUGH!" Everyone screamed, yes even Bruno.... you were finally happy... but was it for long?

SORRY FOR THE SMALL CHAPTER! IM NOT GONNA MAKE ANOTHER BOOK IM GONNA KEEP GOING ON THIS ONE! But like... idk im gonna create more things cuse im really into this story and you also seem to be aswell sooo yea, i have no idea what to write tho so pls tell me what you wanna see.


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