Te amo

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Hi hi! I finally decided to update- in sorry ive been really busy (yuh painting my room like jinx's hideout p.s. it looks shit-) but yuh, i just wanna say im not very comfortable writing grown up content for a character that is originaly a minor so they r still 15 here BUT someone asked me for the next gen so i will do that next chapter wich will be the last But since you guys wanted another camilo story so much im working on that AND the Arcane story soo heh- <3

It hasn't been along time since well- the whole american thing but somehow people here seem to forget fast like, really fast. Everything is almost back to normal alredy, well except some damages.

You were trying to sleep, but you just kept tossing and turning, you just felt like you couldn't breath but why?

"Mi amor?" You slowly turned to face a very sleepy camilo "are you ok?" He asked rubbing his eyes "yea, im fine go back to sleep you look tired" you asured.

He gave you a 'i know something is wrong' look, you turned to look up "i can't sleep thats all, really" he moved next to you and held himself up with his elbows.

"Why? What are you thinking" you shook your head "i honestly have no idea" he nodded changing position and hugging you "if you need anything ill be here" you smiled and started playing with his hair "i know"

As you were going down the stairs in the morning you heard something behind you, turning you saw felix walking down " Ah-" you fell down.

"Are you ok?" Señor felix asked as he made his way down the stairs faster "in sorry i didn't mean to scare you you" he helped you up "it's ok señor you didn't scare me im just clumsy" he laughed "call me felix"

The second señ- felix went in the kitchen camilo walked over "gooood morning hermosa/o~" he said hugging you from behind "morning" you replied tiredly

He spun you around so you were now facing him "you ok?" He nodded resting your head on his chest and closing your eyes "just tired" he chuckled "still don't know why you couldn't sleep" you knew why now but you weren't gonna tell him.

That day, he told you he loved you, you said it back yes but it was never brought up again, ik what you are thinking 'that isn't so big of a deal' but hey- we are talking abt someone who has never been told that before excpet from their parents so shush

"Nope i still have no idea" he looked down at you "you sure, amor?" "Yup 100% sure" he pecked your lips "ok then, let me know once you find out" and with that he went in the kitchen.

You were now sitting down on the grass behind casita, looking up 'did he actually mean it?' You thought "y/n?" You looked up "oh- señora pepa hi" she sat down next to you

"Are you alright dear?" She asked looking at you with concern "im fine" she just looked at you 'ok maybe it wont hurt telling her' you took a deep breath

"Ok soo, remember that day with the americans?" She nodded a small cloud above her head "well yk when you took a picture of me and camilo after?" The cloud was gone "oh yea, you two are adorable"

You blushed but kept talking "well did you hear our conversation?" She  nodded again, you nervously scratched the back of your neck, she looked confused for a second but then

"Ohhh, it's because he said he loved you huh?" "Yea...i mean i do love him back but, you know ive never felt like this, and i don't know if he means it" she patted your back "im sure he does dear, im sure he does"

Camilo's POV

"CAMILO!" i looked up from my food "what? Dolores?" She stoped infront of me panting "oksoiheardmamáandy/ntalkingandtheysaidtheyaresaredyoudontactuallylovethdm"

i spit my water out "im not sure i heard that corectlly,but if im right you just said that" my voice turned to a wishper "y/n is scared i don't love them??"

"Yea-" she nodded "were ar they?" "Behind casita mum just left i thanked my sister and rushed to find them


I was laying down looking at the sky when i heard someone running up to me "CARIÑO!" i looked up "camilo? are you ok amor? Why are you running?" He threw himself on top of me and started kissing all over my face "te amo, te amo, te amo," ke kept saying,

He stoped "i mean it" after a few seconds you hugged him and pulled him down with you, of course he hugged you back "i love you too, and i also mean it" he run his hand through your hair  "good because you are NOT getting rid of me anytime soon" "i better not" you leaned up and kissed his nose "you missed"

You rolled your eyes "you've done this before camilo" he smiled wide "i know, now gimmie!" You laughed "fine" you kissed the corner of his mouth, he pouted "stop that" you shook your head.

"Ok then" and before you you say or do anything he kissed you, holding the back of your neck with one hand and holding your free hand eith the other, you had your one hand on his cheek and holding hisnwith the other.

He pulled away smiling "thank you" he said laying down on your chest, then it hit you "wait, how did you know?" He shook his head "Dolores" you smiled "of course" and with that you closed your eyes "they are adorable aren't they Felix?" "MAMÁ!"

HI HI HI! MADS HEREEEEEEEEE! hope you liked the chapter im sorry its so small but like i said im working on two other books alredy so im rushing around and school starts soon aswell, its pretty stressfull, but thank you sm for the support we are ALREDY close to 3k- gosh it feel like yesterday i was on 1k you guys are THE best <\3

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